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Midwinter Moon

Belatedly, I get around to the last new moon post of the year. I suppose I should count it a goal met that I’ve posted for each new and full moon, though not always on time. And I’ve gotten some writing done, and some music, and some art, and some work on my house, though I would have liked to get a lot more done on all of the above.

It was a wonder to drive into Chicago on Christmas Eve, and to drive for what felt like the first time in months (tho I know it wasn’t that long) on dry pavement, no snow or sleet or ice to slow down the driving—and no construction besides! It was also delightful to return to Milwaukee (after watching the small lake in my Aunt’s Chicago-city backyard advance way too close to the house, and recede again the next day—it’s a very good thing they didn’t have nearly as much snow as we had in Milwaukee before they had their post-Christmas thaw and pea-soup fog) and find that in their zeal to get the storm sewers open for Milwaukee’s less drastic thaw, the city had plowed the alley, so I could get to my parking space without getting stuck first. (I have not removed the two shovels, cat sand, and salt from the car, however. It seems to me that doing so would be like washing the car in spring.)

I guess I’ll think about plans for the new year later. I’m out of lunch hour, and this post is late already.

Blessed Be, everyone!


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