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Muse Fusion update

Finished one more piece, The Colors of Science, a slightly irreverent look at the people wearing the robes. (Torn World scientists and science students wear official robes with their rank symbolized by the color of their robes. Every educated person has a rank in the science education system, even if it's only "lettered".) Eight four-line stanzas, $9 to sponsor and I'll post it in my LJ today, as well as making it public when it's published on the Torn World site.

I thought I'd do more poetry this time because it's often faster than prose, but this one took a while!

Kittens probably didn't help, alternately dashing around being cute and trying to leap up my leg (sometimes with claws out, which necessitates catching said miscreant, gently folding him or her into a ball, and petting the delicate little paws until all the claws are inside. And then peroxiding the cuts. *sigh*). The kittens look at me all confused--how can they play when I'm curling them into a furry roly-poly? But they're learning to avoid clawing me, a little at a time.

They kept tempting me to take pictures, though I missed getting a photo of the one who leapt valiantly into the trash can. I really need to find some people within 100 miles of Milwaukee who want to adopt a cat or two!

I'm also pleased with last night's writing; I'm almost ready to submit the second part of Wild Snowy Chase to the Torn World Canon Board.

I'm busy yawning now; unless inspiration strikes while the Muse Fusion is still technically open, I'm heading to bed. I guess I'll figure out which story or poem to post as my free sneak preview tomorrow.


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