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Moon of Claiming

Thunder Moon, Buck Moon, Summer Moon, Rose Moon.  I like the Chinese full moon name for July for a new moon—it’s Angry Ghost Moon.  The image seems to fit a new moon better than a full moon, nice and dark.  However, as far as I know I don’t have any angry ghosts.

I’ve been painting the places around the drain in the old, claw-foot tub upstairs, with a product called Porca-Fix, which keeps making me think of castrating certain farm animals (which is NOT the most pleasant thought for one’s bathtub, which should be for long soaks with good books).  But it was much more reasonably priced than the other two products, and I have the patience and a steady enough hand to paint layer after layer of white stuff to build it up to being the right thickness.  Soon I shall be able to take a comfortable bath again (the final coat must dry for 24 hours before use).  We also cleared off the stairs in the rear vestibule, which led to the inescapable conclusion that they need painting; the last few winters worth of wet and salt have worn the paint nearly away, and I do NOT want to have to rebuild the dang things.  So we swept and mopped and cleaned, and now, given Wisconsin’s current humidity, have been waiting for days for them to dry enough to paint.  Sigh.  Other progress has been made on the downstairs bathroom, and some progress in the mosquito-laden yard too.  And I've been doing mom-chores, and stuff like grocery shopping.

In more fun things, I’m starting to create an outline for the novel I’ve been wanting to write.  And boring stuff like lists of the people in it, and the various “races”.  And doing some painting, which I like better than drawing (though there are places you can draw but can’t paint).  And I've been doing a little music, tho not as much as I would, ideally, prefer.  Of course, to do all the creative things I really would prefer to be doing, I need to not work in an office five days a week...but that pays bills and provides health insurance, which are necessities.  

I think I’ll stick with Moon of Claiming for now; claiming new beginnings for my various creative projects, and claiming a better handle on house things.  Maybe even claiming a better relationship with my kid, though doing so while sending her to Europe (I have to be at the airport at 4:30 in the morning next Saturday—ick!) may seem a paradoxical way to do so.  But it’s a cool opportunity for her.  (http://www.studentambassadors.org)  And I suppose teenage years require paradoxical measures.

But someday I have to do something with "Angry Ghost Moon"…


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