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Lots to do! And an unwanted adveture.

Temp job 1 is very happy having me for just afternoons. Temp job 2 believes I'm fully trained. So now, unless the lady at Temp job 2 has her baby early, or one or the other job has more work than expected I have two weeks of half-days.

So today I was sitting here trying to get caught up on regular Torn World stuff (having spent much of the weekend, on Torn World contest stuff except for the unwanted adventure, finding the hiding kitten and then giving her away, and just being tired) when a big furniture truck parked outside my window. A REALLY big truck -- it was long enough to stretch across three whole houses on the other side of the street. After a while, a smaller truck came by, about the size most, people rent when moving, though it was simply painted schoolbus yellow. It backed up to the other truck, paperwork was signed, and the guys in the trucks moved furniture (mostly beds) from one truck to the other.

Hmm...I'm getting backwards, aren't I?  I should start my weekend report on Friday, shouldn't I?

Friday after work, My Angel asked me if I wanted to go outside and take pictures of the mushrooms in our front yard while there was light. Well, sure.  I'd taken pictures before, but that was in the deep twilight (deep enough that my camera read it as dark and I had to use a flash).  The picture here is from that earlier day last week.

So I headed out the front door and she headed out the back door.  I started carefully moving the fall's mulching leaves away from the mushrooms to see how many were actually there, but she didn't show up; finally we figured out she was waiting in back for me while I was waiting in front for her. 

So we got together, moved more leaves and I took pictures.  Then we headed into the back yard, her with hand-scythe in hand to take care of some of the tall grass that the lawnmower couldn't get. 

And now I must break mid-story because I see that I have to get out of here or be late for work. Sigh. 

Life is just like that, you know?


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Jun. 3rd, 2010 09:17 am (UTC)
I like taking pictures of mushrooms. :)

Interesting the vans and moving furniture....I wonder what was up with that?? The skeptic in me thinks it was illegal but perhaps not????
Jun. 3rd, 2010 02:23 pm (UTC)
I wonder what was up with the transfer of furniture too. I don't know of any law that prohibits delivery to a smaller truck. And a smaller truck would be more economic, fuel-wise; if just a few mattresses had a longer trip than from the factory to the store, moving them could make sense. But why in the middle of a street rather than at the factory or at one of their stores?

On the other hand, I can make up a dozen licit reasons, and another dozen illicit ones...
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