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Goddess Cycling

A poem for the full moon, and for solstice.  This one also has a tune, though I'm still lacking a way to play it for you except in person.  One of these days, that will change.  Though I did sing it at Barisha's housefilk tonight. 

After I laid down for a brief nap and woke up six hours later...

Goddess Cycling

by: Deirdre M. Murphy

The Maiden Emerging sprouts the seeds
She blesses our lives with crops and weeds
She wakes up everything
The summer’s gifts to bring
She knows our dreams precede our deeds

The Mother of Bounty bids us grow,
The full flower of loving now to know
The height of youth and health
Nurturing autumn wealth
She cares for all the seeds we sow

The Lady of Harvest fills our needs
Her bounty produces our new seeds
She comes with wrinkles clear
She shows us winter’s near
Death comes to everyone she feeds

The Old Crone of Waiting brings us snow
She shows each of us our time to go
She keeps us safe through death
She promises rebirth
And in the spring, our seeds will grow

Copypright 2004 Deirdre M. Murphy.  Most rights reserved.

I wrote this on October 27, 2004*, during a total lunar eclipse; some called it a “blood moon” since it was so red; after viewing the photos, however, I thought of it as the “Chocolate Moon”.

*except for the line I rewrote today. Amazing what happens when you revisit a song after more practice.

Tags: filk, poem

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