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Plans...and Reality

I had all these plans for the weekend.  I have paintings I want to work on, short stories I want to write.  I want to finish Fireborn, so I can focus more on other projects.  And I wanted to get a bit of sorting done, in the room I'd like to turn into a studio, eventually.  

But I didn't have much ambition this morning.

And then I found the cats had knocked over some stuff, exposing a box that had some miscellaneous stuff in it, including some of the jewelry I've been wondering where I put.   My ankle bells were in there, bringing back happy memories of dancing around campfires, and less-happy memories of having to try to quietly pack them away when I forgot to take them off before going to a filk.  And there was the amber necklace that Misty gave me.  And there was the second of my dream-catcher earrings, minus the "finding" that makes it an earring, but that's easy enough to replace.

And there's the first amber and jade necklace I ever strung, and my brass pentagram that I bought from Hedwig, and one of the matching earrings.  Oh, and the carved bone necklace, where the clasp is carved bone too.  And some of the gold-and-shell earrings I bought in the French Quarter, when Misty and I played hookey from Nolacon.  And there's a necklace my sister Dragon gave me, and there's the second of a pair of drop amber earrings My Angel gave me, that I'd started to believe I'd truly lost, and several other matches to earrings in my usual box...

Oh, and what's in this bag?  Oooh, pretty.  Cubic beads in amethyst and clear quartz, drilled on the diagonal.  When did I buy these? Sometime when I was lost in sleep apnea fog, I guess.  I piled them into a handy basket and brought them in by the computer, where I have some of my necklaces hung from the nearby lamp, to reunite the earrings with their twins, and look--there's a smiling crystal full moon pendant, that I don't wear much because the chain it's on is shorter than I prefer.

And I had succumbed to temptation when I found some stone peace signs at Duckon; then when I came home, decided I wanted to use the round blue stone beads I'd planned to use with the peace signs with a dragon pendant in the same stone instead, and squeezed in a trip to Planet Bead this week--if you're in Milwaukee, and like beads or yarn, you should go to Planet Bead--So I'd been thinking of jewelry-making anyway.

So I get out the beads and feel rich and fortunate, and then start working on the purple and clear crystals.  But there's not enough clear crystals, so I go looking to see what beads I have that I can use as spacers; no, those are paints, and those are paints too, and those are buttons--oh, here, in the button drawer, are just a few beads, but a few is enough this time, since this old paint jar holds clear plastic or glass beads that are the right color, and I only need them for the back of my neck, so they don't need to be perfect--oh, what's in this bag? There's the black jade and chocolate amber necklace I've been looking for, tied into a produce bag because the tigertail broke.  I wonder how long ago the necklace broke.  Another thing lost to the fog of exhaustion before the sleep apnea got treated.

Well, I can restring it too!   

And that still leaves the blue dragon and the other beads I've got planned to go with it for later.  Because it's late and I'm tired.

But overall, it was a good day, beading interspersed with internets and memories, and some cleaning and  yardwork, and capped off with macaroni and cheese.  Thank goodness for brown rice noodles!


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Jul. 6th, 2010 09:19 am (UTC)
Well, you got sidetracked from what you wanted to do but you found lost memories and were still creative. And now you have pretties to wear. Sounds like a nice day!
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