wyld_dandelyon (wyld_dandelyon) wrote,

Sometimes the day job is mind-numbing

Just saying, tomorrow, can I have a day where nothing interrupts the interruptions that interrupted my interruptions?

Having worked, done errands, eventually had dinner, and read some (but sadly not all) of my flist I'm starting to feel focused again, and relaxed enough to think I could possibly do some real writing.

Just in time to head to bed.


Over here: http://haikujaguar.livejournal.com/812871.html there's a discussion of alternate ways to compensate artists and writers for their effort and skill. Stop by and share your thoughts!

Or take off your coat and stay a while.  Have some chocolate.  Tell me what you've been up to.  Share your favorite mental aperitif.  And bring a friend!  Even when I'm tired and frazzled, I'm glad when you visit.
Tags: crowdfunding, job, life, welcome

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