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Flying Furry Moon

I don't have my notes on traditional moon names, being on vacation.  From paid work, anyway.  We got the project for my girl done just in time for her to return from her trip; a couple of days went out with her to buy the color paint she wanted.  Got the soda cans sold so I can finish painting the back stairs (the cans would have prevented painting the area they were cluttering).  Been working on the walls in the downstairs bathroom; I'm tired enough of the project to consider buying a marine paint and just painting, instead of tiling the walls, but I know long-term I'll be happier with tile, as will my Angel and my kid.  It's just that it's more work, and I'm tired of working on the house.  Used my birthday discount at Best Buy to get a thumb drive, which I hope will facilitate writing efforts.

Had a nice evening playing a board game with my kid for my birthday.  Not so nice morning sitting around her school for them to "fix" her schedule.  They couldn't get her into 2 of the classes that she said they confirmed at the end of last school year, so it's merely better than it was, not really fixed.  It's an extreme long-shot that the guidance counselor will be able to improve things come the first actual day of school.  And they're things she needs to take for a class she wants to take Junior year, which is in turn a prerequisite for a class she wants to take Senior year, so it's not as if taking them next year will adequately substitute for not getting to take them this year.  She's bummed, and I'm bummed for her.

Today's been way too tired and stressed; stressed mostly due to tiredness, I think.  Last night got to bed late, then was woken up in the middle by the news that a "flying furry" had entered the house.  Said creature, a cute little black bat, had our largest, and most acrobatic cat eagerly  following it around, running into whatever room it entered, which included bouncing on me, naturally.  He was quite fascinated, though happily it stayed high enough, and far away enough from tall furniture, that the cat watched, rather than trying to leap up and catch the thing.  So, for a while I lay there and pondered rabies shots instead of sleeping.  The docs saving that girl who got rabies, and all the news coverage, made me all too aware of just how dangerous a tiny scratch from a bat can be...

After we turned off all the lights except the one in the attic, the moths that have found their way inside flew off up there, and it followed.  So did the excited cat.  So, finally, I fell asleep, only to be mired in unsettling dreams...

Better news is that my new CPAP mask arrived.  It wasn't supposed to have a note that it was a special order with a restocking fee if it doesn't fit, and it wasn't delivered to my house (delivery to work is more convenient normally, but I'm on vacation, and they knew it), so after the game with my kid I drove to work to pick it up.  Here's hoping it fits better than the old style, and I'll be better rested tomorrow!  I'll fight them on the restocking fee if I have to, but I'd rather not have to.  Sigh.

Also, here's hoping that the flying furry found its way to its home, and is no longer in my attic!  I'm in favor of anything that eats insects, but I REALLY don't want to contemplate emergency trips to the hospital for rabies shots, just in case.


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