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If you have questions about Torn World, or things you'd like to see/read about set in Torn World, this is your chance to ask! Just go to torn_world  tomorrow and leave us a prompt.

Today, I have a special request for my science- and history-minded friends. Given a roughly steam-engine level science, are there any fascinating ideas that our world did not explore or exploit? Torn World scientists and engineers also have a limited ability to control the speed of time passing within an enclosure (though most metals interact badly with the field). If any of you have suggestions for such alternate technology, and leave them here, I'll pass them on as my own prompts (with credit given) to the Muse Fusion.

Oh--and I meant to tell you all about the new contest -- poetry, art, or fiction showing the reaction of the snow-unicorn riders to the natural disaster that they've just discovered, and which you can read about here.

But best of all, the judges are: YOU. Registered readers (registering is free) will get to vote for their favorites!

So I know that people's prompts about what you'd like to see in the contest would be welcome.  The Muse Fusion is scheduled to start at 8:00 a.m. Alaska time, which is roughly mid-day for most of you.  You're welcome to head over to torn_world tomorrow and tell us what you want to see and read!

Finally, I know that some of my supporters live more or less on the other side of the world, or otherwise are restricted from accessing the computer during the early hours of the Muse Fusion.  To you, my valued friends, I offer the chance to DM me whatever prompts you want, and I'll convey them to the Muse Fusion.

Oh--and if I use any of your prompts, you'll see the story (or poem, or painting) before anyone else; I'll DM the draft to you before even submitting it to the canon board.  It's not a lot, but I do want to thank those of you who volunteer your thoughts as inspiration.  I'm very glad to have you along on this journey.

Thank you.


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