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Muse Fusion update

So far, I have done two stories today, despite sleeping poorly last night. (It's not fair. I even went to bed as soon as I felt at all sleepy.)

But, I do have the two stories:

A Girls' Day Shopping, Part 2:  Lunch at the Soaring Phoenix, showing Lalya's first experiences being out in public wearing a dress.  1900+ words; it can be sponsored for $19.


All the People in the World, a story of a woman of the snow-unicorn riders, who has really thought through their population numbers for the first time.  900+ words, and can be sponsored for $9. 

And now, back to work! The Muse Fusion isn't over.

Which means, if you want, you can still jump over to http://community.livejournal.com/torn_world/47740.html and ask questions or leave us a prompt.

To quote Ellen: "Muse Fusion is a little like a question and answer session, but instead of straight answers, you get answers in prose, poetry and artwork! If you leave a prompt that I create something for, you get to see the rough draft of it, usually within 24 hours (well before the general public!)."

Most of the stories I will be writing will be posted at the Torn World site for supporters only, unless they are sponsored. Sponsorship of a story earns you torn world karma (equal to what I make as the writer), attribution on the story at the site, and makes the finished story public at the site for others to enjoy. I will also publish the rough draft of all sponsored stories here for my friends to read.

You may also donate generally to keep me writing throughout the day; if I get enough general donations, I'll put up a poll so you can decide which story is sponsored.


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