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Mural Update 3

As I remember, I left off at about the time we ran out of brown paint. It's hard to finish a brown tree without brown paint. So my sister Dragon and our friend headed off to the craft store while I dry-brushed more cloud details. After a while, I wanted to escape the paint fumes, and headed outside. She called to consult, and to let me know she was stopping at the grocery store for dog food. She told me she was bringing home a surprise for the room.

Eventually, we had dinner and went to visit the Great Aunt, and I got to show off the progress pictures and see the surprise -- little cages to hang from the tree. We'd already planned to hang little knick-knack cubes from the tree (they came off the wall that now has the huge moon on it).

"So, how will you hang them from the wall?" asked the practical Great Aunt.

Dragon admitted she hadn't figured that out yet.

I asked if she had any wooden shelf-brackets, figuring we could carve them into branches.


"How about big sticks?"

Dragon's husband likes to have fires in their fireplace. So they have a supply of sticks.

We headed back to Dragon's house, where everyone admitted to being too tired to even play magic, and there was sleep.

The next morning, breakfast was interrupted by the normally quiet dog getting loudly excited on the back porch.  Investigation revealed she was worrying about the menacing dragon pinata that was apparently about to invade the yard--the next door neighbors were having a kid's birthday party!  The dog was seriously worried!

Having left my wood carving tools in Milwaukee, I asked after Dragon's.  "They got packed away when we sent Dad and the boys off camping and Spooky (The Niece informed me that "The Niece" is a very boring name for her in my LJ) to camp and got the whole house (saving only the kids' rooms) painted this summer."

Eventually, I found an exacto blade and Dragon found a hand saw, and I attacked the sticks.  These are the resulting tree extensions, with flat spots to be screwed into the wall.  We'll paint them to match the tree.

While I did this, Dragon and Spooky worked on hanging "fluffy" (a humongous home-made spider) and making her a new web over the front porch.  I thought I'd saved a picture of that, but it's not in my phone, so you'll have to wait for another update for that.

Eventually there was dinner, and then cards  (Spooky was very pleased to be allowed to play my Squirrels deck against two dragon decks), and I had to head home so the car would be here for My Angel's doctor appointment on Monday.

So no pictures of whole walls today. 

More next time!


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