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Olympic Moon

Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, Grain Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Harvest Moon, Women's Moon, Moon When All Things Ripen…

But for this year, I’ll call it the Olympic Moon.  And for once I’ll post on the first night of the full moon, slightly early instead of slightly late.

Today I’m tired from watching the womens’ All Around competition on TV, but also from working on the house pretty intensively for the last month.  I took my usual vacation days, but instead of going to Sacred Harvest Festival, spent the time on the house.  I feel like I've been running a marathon, or swimming a medley, or doing a decathelon.  How much did we get done?  Let’s see:


Kid’s Smaller Room (basically a huge walk-in closet, but she keeps her bed there).

  • We got the water-soluble “texture” off of all walls and ceiling
  • We got the plaster problems in the walls and ceiling patched  We got the plaster & spackle patches all sanded
  • I got the electric sockets screwed into the wall more firmly
  • We got the room (walls, ceiling, window, and door) primed
  • We got the floor sanded with a floor sander, and the edges and corners with a hand sander
  • We have the stuff to get that bit of floor stained and varnished

Back Stairs

  • I got the back stairs primed
  • We got the aluminum cans sold, so as to be able to paint under where we were storing them

“Servant’s” Stairs

  • We got more of the water-soluble “texture” off the walls and ceiling
  • We filled in some of the big settling cracks in the plaster

Upstairs Hallway

  • We got the upstairs hallway emptied of all furniture in hopes of sanding it too (but the kid’s room took longer than we expected).
  • I went over the upstairs hallway again to remove the last of the staples and nailsI got some of the floor’s edges and corners sanded with a hand-sander
  • I filled in the plaster holes and cracks we had cleaned out & ready to plaster; but there’s some areas that need work.

First Floor Bathroom

  • I got the last of the old mildewy plastic tile off the walls in the first floor bathroom
  • We got most of the old glue (that was used to place the plastic tile) off the walls, finally.
  • I got a lot of the big plaster cracks fixed, tho we have to get a slower-drying plaster to do some of the finish work


  • The owner next door wanted to substantially trim our mulberry tree since it hangs over the parking space there; we went to discuss what could be cut since we don’t want the tree killed
  • We harvested the ripe mulberries from the downed branches and tidied-up the resultant firewood  (“Foodie Friend” made two pies, one for him and his gamers and one for us!)
  • Weeding around the roses in front
  • Trimming new branches off the weed trees we cut down last year
  • We started the process of digging up the old drip hose to replace it in front
  • Some weeding and watering of tomatoes, herbs, etc.
  • Substantial weeding around the roses in front
  • My Angel turned the compost & mowed the lawn


  • Dishes, laundry, cooking, ferrying the kid around, getting trash & recycling out
  • Buying paint, sand paper, renting the sander, etc. etc. etc.  Returning sander & unused sandpaper for the sander
  • Caring for cats and fish (though the cats keep telling us they are feeling neglected.  But they wouldn't be happy unless we spent ALL our time on them.  They ARE cats, after all.)


  • Oh, yeah, and for all but my week of vacation, I was working full time.

Hmm…I have been feeling frustrated that we didn’t get more done.  Listing all that stuff, I feel better.  That’s a lot of work.  Mind you, emotionally I’m still way past ready to be done with these kinds of projects, preferably for a LONG while, and to have more time for writing, music, and other artistic projects.  But it’s not as if we have dozens of volunteers helping.  Just two ladies with chronic health problems. 

The impatience won’t go away, but I’ll temper it with a sense of accomplishment!


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