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Cold Moon

I thought, when I signed up for this thing, that I should do some writing for full and new moons.  And here it is, two days after the full moon (or one day, if you go by the “the moon is full for 3 nights” rule), and I didn’t get to it.  Sigh. 

January’s full moon.  By various traditions, called the wolf moon, the old moon, the cold moon. 

Well, cold fits.  Not only is it below zero outside, but we ran out of oil late in the evening of the full moon.  Normally this isn’t a big deal, the place we get oil from is nearby so my house is always basically on their trucks’ route.  Usually you go down, turn the furnace on, push the red button, and everything starts up.  Usually.  If not, the guys who deliver the oil are willing, for a fee, of course, to come in and bleed the line, since the most common problem with starting right up is air in the line.  So, after calling and begging for oil first thing, and being told they would be there about the time I start work, I called in to let work know I’d be a little late.  

Sadly, we had to have the nice man in to bleed the line.  He was very neat about it, and with a plastic hose/tube he bled it into a gallon jug that had held distilled water, keeping the oil pristine and getting only a few drops on the floor.  AND he poured the oil back into the tank on his way out!  However, the boiler didn’t start.  So I called someone a friend recommended and then *A* and I started opening the thing, to see if it needed cleaning.  Well, first I called the friend I’d expected to be doing most of my boiler work, but which sadly hasn’t happened; he’s either ill or out of town every single time we've had heat problems.  This time he was out of town.  Much preferable to finding out a friend is too sick to work, but frustrating.

So, the boiler wasn’t all clogged with soot or anything.  And I knew that it was time or past time to replace the nozzle, which can become clogged with sediment if you let your tank run dry.  After more phone calls and the frustration of having one of the bolts break in half rather than open, we got a service guy who could come in and I got to work before lunch.  Not much before, but I’ve been able to make up the time.  And the boiler now has nice new parts and has had a tune-up.  Now, if only it didn’t kick the budget even further out of whack to pay the guy…

So, yeah, that was my Cold Moon this year. 

Sigh.  The writing wasn't inspirational or anything, but, I tell myself, at least I wrote something, even if I didn’t start it on the full moon, or even finish it the day I started.  Old Moon fits too, since it’s certainly getting old to not have time for writing & other creative stuff.  Getting?  Wrong tense.  It has gotten way too old.  Old, moldy, stale, time for it to disintegrate and better things to fill its place in the world.


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