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Hot water should be hot!

The hot water heater hasn’t been making hot water all weekend.  A trip to the hardware store for a thermocouple produced an improvement in the symptoms, but still no hot water.  Sigh. 

Since I was going, I took the old brass doorknob and shaft from the inner door of our front cat-lock (I called the vestibule an airlock once in my father’s hearing and he nearly choked) because one knob had come off and the screw vanished.  Certainly I could replace the screw.

In the little box with the screws, this hardware store had doorknob shafts that actually have holes in them!  I was practically dancing with glee.  It’s been years since I found anything but the “modern” kind, where, I’ve been told repeatedly, if you screw in the screw properly, just pushing the screw against the shaft will secure the doorknob. 

Now, I have made jointed teddy bears without a pattern; I can assemble furniture, use hand tools to make a perfectly round hole in a hardwood kitchen floor for the new gas pipe to pass through, solder pipe, and various other handy things, but I cannot get the doorknob to stay on for long unless the screw actually screws into a hole. 

So I was dancing for joy.  Almost literally.  I think I amused the guys behind the counter.


Five fixed doors later, I’m still pleased about that.  Now I just have to hope that “Housefixer” can get the hot water heater heating without having to replace the whole heater assembly, or worse, the whole heater.  At least it’s summer, and hand-washing is not dreadful in cold water.  But soon I need to wash my hair…

I also got the loose boards on the front porch nailed down again, and we got the replacement drip hose buried for the roses in the front yard – it’s so dry here that some of my purple cone-flowers were droopy!  And enough wood putty into the back door that the lock no longer wiggles.  And I’m closer to having the area dug for concrete under the stairs in the basement (I was digging when I wasn’t needed to hold the flashlight for the attempted water heater repair.)  And really tall tomato plants given support, so they go up not out onto the lawn.  And purple “green beans” picked. 


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