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"MLK was a Trekkie"

So, I thought I'd get a bunch of writing done this week. Unfortunately, whether I was decluttering or not, I kept sneezing, which means that the concentration of housedust had gotten Way Too High in our house. So I have been periodically washing or mopping.

Imagine--explosive sneezes do not help the creative process!

When I wasn't doing that, I was gathering paperwork. My girl needs me to get information together to be able to fill out financial aid forms. And there were some jobs to apply for, and errands to run, and two different agencies to talk with about possible temp positions (I'll be starting one on Monday).

I also have been getting caught up on Torn World editorial/administrative stuff, trying to think about what's needed besides producing stories and art and poetry, e-mailing people about being on panels at conventions, and thinking about what to read at readings.

And periodically dumping mud-colored mop water and making more. One of the disadvantages of having a large house--lots of floors. At least the gas heat should produce less dirt than the oil heat did.

I did manage to participate in #scifichat today on Twitter, where someone pointed out that Nichelle Nichols was planning on leaving Star Trek, and Dr. King talked her into staying. Here's a link: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2011/01/17/star-treks-nichelle-nichols-on-how-martin-luther-king-king-jr-changed-her-life/

It's kind of cool to read that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that Uhura, a fictional character in a science fiction show, was an important role model. I've always believed that fiction can change people, and therefore change the world.

It's really cool to hear Dr. King agreed with me--or, more properly, that I agree with him in this as well as the things he's famous for believing.


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Feb. 3rd, 2011 02:32 am (UTC)
Thank you for the link!
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