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Help Wanted: Torn World Advertising Intern

Torn World is seeking an Advertising Intern

This will be an unpaid position, although the Intern will have free access to subscribers-only material on the Torn World site and will receive Torn World karma.

Our goal is to find someone who can focus on outreach to help Torn World communicate with fans, reach new readers, gain subscribers, and get exposure through various social media and the publication of Torn World stories in other venues.

Let’s face it—Torn World has some incredible artists and writers and an amazing webmistress, but none of the Torn World creators has the skills and time to properly market our work. We’re looking for someone to come in and showcase the things we do well by doing the things we don’t have time to do well because we’re focused on creating content. Perhaps, more importantly, we hope to find someone to help us by suggesting and implementing things we haven't thought of.

We’re looking for someone who can step in and help Torn World reach the people who will love it.

In return, you get experience you can put on your resume and creative people who will attest to the quality of your work. You will have the chance to help develop a working model for how to profitably market fiction, poetry and art on the internet—and if your work helps us to start bringing in enough money to pay for the time we put into it, the possibility of turning this into a paid position.

Duties will include, but not be limited to:
  • Develop and maintain the Torn World Facebook page.
  • Be our voice on Twitter, maintaining the networking efforts of our former Twitter staff member, including daily tweets announcing new things on the website and on our LJ community, announcing Muse Fusions, advertising through #weblit, #followfriday, greeting new followers, etc.
  • Keep contributors and the canon board informed about venues that do reprints or contests we could enter Torn World material into.
  • Help us to find and implement new ways to promote Torn World and its creators.
To apply, email us at ellen@ellenmilliongraphics.com and share your excitement, your experience (if any), your applicable skills, your ideas for filling this position, and anything else that you feel will help us to know you’re the best applicant for this job.

If you have any questions, let us know!



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