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I'm ready for Spring already!

I'm still draggy, between winter and the cold-turned-sinus-infection. Of course, My Angel is even moreso, being still on antibiotics for her finally-diagnosed sinus infection.

I started the Muse Fusion reasonably well, though it was more willpower than anything else. My first story is

The Experiment
The prompt was Oranaan as a kid, but instead I found a kid who wants to become a Master Scientist even younger than Oranaan. Lidineyev is some sort of cousin to Dini's nephew, Filor. And as is often true when heights are involved in Torn World, the experiment doesn't go as planned. It's about 1500 words, and will appear on the Torn World site for subscribers only, unless it's sponsored for  $15.  In Torn World chronology, this is the first story Filor appears in, though I've written about him before.

Next, I wrote A High, Strange Home.  You may have seen the initial draft in these pages over the weekend.  It features a runaway, who we only know as Akaalekirth, the name she took when she asked to join a group of purists hiding out in the rainbow rainforest in The Butterfly Girl.

I started a third story, based on the prompt  "velvet flowers", but something was missing, and I couldn't figure out what.  After staring at the screen for far too long, I decided to head to a viewing of some friends' honeymoon pictures, hoping for inspiration.  There I started a fourth story, based on a prompt about an invasion of jellyfish, but before I got more than a couple hundred words into it, I fell asleep.  It's amazing how much being too tired resembles writer's block!  Counted in hours, there's no way I should have been that tired.  Dang winter crud!

I went to bed early on Sunday, but was still tired all day yesterday.  However, the sleep was enough to break through the mesmerizing effect of a blank screen.  I finished Velvet Monsters and Ribbon Waves, a story about school and polite culture, starring Nefessa, the daughter of the protagonist of Monster Teeth and Art Glass.  Funny how once I realized what was missing, the flowers morphed to something quite different!  After editing it today, it's about 1400 words, but I'll stick to the sponsorship price I announced at the Muse Fusion -- $13. 

If either (or both) Velvet Monsters and Ribbon Waves or The Experiment is sponsored, I'll post the unapproved draft here, so you get to read it at the same time as the Canon Board--and it will also be available to the public on the Torn World site after publication.

Now, if only last night's sleep had unlocked where the other unfinished Muse Fusion story is headed...


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Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:07 am (UTC)
great job powering through

i hope you and your angel get to feeling better fast
Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:17 am (UTC)
Thank you!

We are feeling better, just not all better. It's such a drag when the draggyness drags on for so long--something that I'm sure you understand.
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