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"Where Should I Start?"

A friend of mine on Facebook asked, "I've been meaning to ask you for a while--is there anywhere to actually begin at the beginning of your stories?"

That's an interesting question, and not a simple one. It's not as if all my stories and poetry are set in the same world, after all. I started this web-busking with Fireborn, and there's certainly a beginning spot for that: With Wings on his Fingers. And there's a Table of Contents.

And then I started doing #FridayFlash--and those stories are set all over, from deep space to potentially right next door, and range from speculative fiction to stuff that is (or at least could be) set in the world we all live in. There is a Landing Page for this project as well, which lists many of the stories, with a little teaser text to help people decide which ones to read.  Some of my favorites are the Feather-Blessed Dragons, Deep Dreams, and Fog and Lembas.

And even in Torn World--well, the world is wide (as worlds should be), and I have stories set all over the map. As such, there's more than one starting place even there. Some of those stories are deeply entwined with things other writers are doing (the stories about snow-unicorn riders, for instance), while others are intersect more tangentially (the stories of Dini and Lalya). Still others, like my stories of Neteilyu and her friends/family, and my stories of Rai Kunabei, are in parts of the world that, so far, remain explored by only me.

If you've never been to Torn World, we have a page for new readers, under the words Start Here.  That's a good place to get oriented.  There are links to stories there, though not all of them are mine. 

Once you've picked a place to start, each story also includes links to related stories, characters, artwork, and articles.

The next step is to choose one of the many ways to navigate the site.  Each page (story, poem, art, article, character description) has links to related pages.  You could start with any of the pages listed on the Start Here page.  Or you could click on Characters, and start on stories of a character you think you'll like.  All of the character pages have links, but the first page you'll see is a Lead Characters page.  Most of the lead characters have a number of stories.

If you're adventuresome, you can even click on the "previous" or "next" story in the timeline, but that story could beset anywhere in the world!

If you want to check out my stories in particular, you still have options. 

If you're interested in gender and families, Building a Home is the first Dini and Lalya story.  This is one of the first stories I wrote about how the Empire's licensing laws affect families.

Another of my favorites is We Shape Our Lives Like Clay, which shows a different family intersecting with the Empire's licensing laws.

If you want to read about sea monsters and the people who make food or tourist knick-knacks from their remains, you could start with either An Irresistible Attraction or Monster Teeth and Art Glass

If you want to read about snow-unicorn riders, try Beads and Memories or Wild Snowy Chase.

I also have stories and poetry that are for subscribers only, including a story arc set in a wild and beautiful area of Torn World (starting with Under The Waterfalls) and Stillborn Dreams, which I think is the best poem I've written in years.

Or you can go to my "Creator" page and pick a story or poem, but that page is up for a serious redesign--the initial design is just not adequate for a writer with multiple storylines.  You have to read the fine print to see which stories I wrote, and which ones I sponsored or edited, and you have to guess which ones are related to each other from the story description.  Right now it's a great place to go to see how much work I did during the last year or so, or for someone to see which of my stories they've missed, but it's too chaotic to serve as a recommended reading list for a new reader!

(And I forgot to mention Harp of Feathers, which won the Torn World Short Music-Theme Story Contest, though it doesn't have a sequel (yet))

Um, yeah, I've been busy!  If anyone has particular interests I didn't cover, above, feel free to ask!

Oh--and the drawing above is my rough pencil sketch to accompany my poem, Got to Have a License; I'm in the process of staring at it a while before inking it, since I can still fix stuff at this page.  But only if I can figure out "What's wrong with this picture" before it's inked.  (Someday I'll have photoshop...)


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Mar. 8th, 2011 09:02 am (UTC)
I got the pictures just before Relay. Thank you!! :) Sorry, Relay has kept me busy and exhausted so I'm only starting to catch up.

Thank you kindly for sending it. Blessings :)
Mar. 8th, 2011 01:49 pm (UTC)
Oh, excellent! I hope you are enjoying them.
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