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Tail-End-of-Winter Blahs

Yes, I know, technically it's spring. But that's still just a technicality.

The news is full of wonderful, encouraging news. Unemployment was up again last month (no surprise in February), 51 percent of the jobs lost were womens’ jobs, and 95 percent of the new jobs went to men.

From my personal experience, there seems to be a slight increase in job listings, but so far no increase in phone calls responding to my resume, which is to say, I haven’t gotten any calls since early January.

All of this is complicating the fact that it’s the end of the “allergens collect in the house” winter heating season, so I'm using up a LOT of Kleenex (which is distracting as well as time consuming). And the Kleenex doesn't keep the allergies from making me tired.

Have I mentioned how much depression and being too tired resemble each other?

I’ve got lots I want to get done, and it's really hard to get started, especially on housework (since that puts my nose into the thick of the fight, so to speak) and on creative things, which go SO much better when one has a little energy. I sure hope the weather gets better soon. I know from past years that being able to open the windows and air out the house will help.

In better news, Torn World is currently #6 on the Top Webfiction Website! It’s wonderful to see the banner up, but even better that people looking for things to read might stop by and check us out.

If you enjoy my Torn World stories, please consider stopping by the Top Webfiction site: http://topwebfiction.com/vote.php?for=torn-world is the link to vote for us. You can also vote for other cool things, like Addergoole, Spots, and Shadow Unit—and a lot more. Your vote is counted as of the moment you vote; the default page counts votes in the last week, but you can change that and see how many different people voted for a project in the last month or year.

I plan to start posting this link during each Muse Fusion, and also whenever I post a draft of Torn World work here, so those of you interested in voting can do so easily.  And thank you to the people who do bote.

I hope to hear from you!  So what interesting, thought provoking, or inspiring things have you come across lately?


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