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Dizzy Busy Moon

Fruit Moon, Harvest Moon, Nut Moon, Barley Moon, Blood Moon, Chrysanthemum Moon, Mulberry Moon, When the Calves Grow Hair, Singing Moon.

The car is running better, after way too much running to the repair place. First, maintenance things, plus replacing belts. Now it should run better, right? No, almost the next day the brake light is on. Well, the brakes don’t feel bad, but better take it in. That, at least, didn’t cost an arm and a leg—the emergency brake had gotten jostled on somehow. Now the car should run better, right? No, then driving to work the car just stopped. I managed to steer it out of traffic (to find myself really nicely parked (!) in front of a Starbucks), but had to call AAA to tow it to the repair place. Turns out it has an “axle position sensor” which needed to be replaced, as without it, the over-computerized engine didn’t have a clue when to fire the spark plugs that I’d just had replaced.

So, I realized it was full moon, time to do an update, but what should I write? I hadn’t got a lot of writing done, or much music, or much art, or read any great books, but I felt frazzled like I’d been running around really busy…well, I did shopping, and some house cleaning, and feeding my kid who’s been working on a big school deadline, and paid bills…lots of little stuff. Stuff that needs doing. Stuff that is very bad to leave undone. But all that little stuff doesn’t give much of a sense of accomplishment.

None of the moon names seems to fit right now. Mulberries were last month, there isn’t much to harvest right now (though the fresh herbs from the garden have been good in our food), and my calves grow hair regardless. Maybe I’ll feel more inspired or accomplished when the new moon arrives, though that’s not exactly the way the symbolism goes…


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