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Torn World is Keeping Me Busy

First, a note that if you've subscribed to Torn World, you should spend your credits. Ellen goes over how it works (including a warning that you lose the right to bestow those credits as you see fit, in this post:  Ellen is Not A Bank:  Spend Your Credits.  As one of the Torn World creators, I assure you--if you put money toward one of my stories, I pay attention.  If you want to encourage a particular story line, you can tip me on the site, leaving a comment to tell me what you want.  (Of course, you can also tip me in my donation hat, over on www.wyld-dandelyon.com.)

I'm still so excited to have my own website!  When I remember to think about it, anyway; I'm currently distracted by other things creatively:

I want to catch up on some of my story arcs--Jrilii's Wild Snowy Chase and Dini and Lalya's wedding in particular.  (Poor Lalya still does't have a wedding dress.)

I'm also trying to get back to doing #fridayflash regularly.  Like Sketchfest, it's a good stretch for my skills.  And I want to get back to my Feather-Blessed Dragons too. 

Of course, right now, the biggest time drain is the anthology, which needs black and white art for specific stories, and I'm pushing my drawing skills right to their limits.  I'm finding this surprisingly draining; it's much more tiring than sketch fests--there, if a sketch doesn't turn out, I can just move on.  I can push my skill level and feel good about the result whether it's good or not--I learned something from it, after all.  But this--this is important to me, and to everyone involved in the project.  And there's a deadline, which isn't at all distant.  I can't just put it aside and come back to it in a few days or weeks, it needs to get finished!  So, wish me luck with them!

Oh--and this weekend is the Muse Fusion!  I hope you'll stop by and leave us all some prompts.  What would you like to see more of, in Torn World?  What questions do you have?  What have we not done yet, that you would like to see or read about? 

In other news, yesterday I got an IM from my kid that started, "I know this is super late...." inviting me to go to the art show her pictures were in, at the school (one day only and starting in about a half-hour), and got to go see that, and chat with the grandmother of one of her classmates who I haven't seen in years, and then got a call from a very old friend who hasn't called me in even longer, and we chatted, and except for financial worries (I haven't gotten any surprise calls from potential employers) it's been a good few days.

Oh, and one of the cats has decided that the canvas bag that holds all my tax papers (the taxes are thankfully done) is the bestest bed ever!  He'll be disappointed when I pack them into an envelope in a box in the attic and put the bag back with the other grocery bags!


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Apr. 14th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you.
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