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Foggy Foggy Wiscon

I don't know why I was so tired all weekend. Well, except Monday. A roommate being sick all night was the cause of that (and no, she hadn't been drinking).

Admittedly, I was tired when I headed home on Friday, arriving in time to hear that I-94 heading west was traveling at 10 miles an hour. I checked in online for the couple of errands I wanted to do before leaving, and the delay led to the new news--7 miles an hour. I laid down for a half-hour nap, and didn't wake up until quite late. I had dinner--I'm much better off driving distances after I've been awake for a while, and I was hungry.

I talked with a couple of people after returning the cart to the lobby, and eventually got to sleep.

One of my roommates helpfully said to me, too early the next morning, that I had a reading at 10. I'd thought it was the panel, not the reading. Silly foggy dyslexic brain! Thanks to her, I got to the reading not only on time, but with words to read and paintings to share, and even with time to spare for picking up my badge and dropping off flyers for Torn World and Ellen Million Graphics on the freebie tables.

I then wandered from panel to panel until the Three Fates concert, which had been helpfully scheduled for a slot when the musicians could play longer if they wanted to, which they did. And that was very nice indeed. Though they didn't play long enough for me to sketch all three of the three fates; nor did I manage to sketch their musician-guests. I'm not fast enough, yet.

Instead of dinner, I opted for a nap. Later, there were people to talk to and a wonderful, musical and magical fairyland party, and stopping by other parties.

I had a number of opportunities to give away Torn World flyers and even a few chances to show off the PDF of the anthology to people.  One woman asked enough questions to get a bit of a guided tour of the Torn World website.  Oh--and one person refused the flyer but took a picture of it with her phone, a more eco-friendly way to remember us than taking the paper.

Eventually, I ended up in another party, and did another sketch.  Remembering my sister's comment to a friend she was sketching, that one of her challenges was drawing people who didn't look like the Murphy clan (she was more specific--something about who didn't share the substantial number of recessive genes as the people she'd grown up drawing), I picked someone who looked as little as possible (given the few people still up at that hour) as the people I usually draw. 

Sure enough, I'm not as happy with the resemblance as I was with S00j and Ginger, despite drawing the mouth about a hundred times. 

Sunday, I found the dealer's room and talked to booksellers. I need to follow up on those contacts later this week. And I was on a very, very silly (and adult-rated, for the innuendo) worldbuilding.  Frivolous suggestions about the solar system led to basic physics particles including the lustion, squikion, pecunion, and brokion.  Much laughter was had by all, though I'm not sure if anyone learned anything about worldbuilding. 

By this time, I was craving protein, and headed to a restaurant, where I did some edits to stories awaiting attention on the Torn World site, since I didn't see anyone I knew and my body was being insistent about eating Right NOW!

I spent most of the evening at the Broad Universe party, where I read the end of Dance to Fend Off the Sky, which was received very well.  I also met some of the people I'd been corresponding with online for a while now, which was very cool.  I gave up on parties relatively early, for me, anyway, and headed back to get a real night's sleep.  Well, that didn't work.  And my friend is fine, now--she even managed to moderate her final panel on Monday.

One of the highlights of Monday was realizing that one of my co-panelists for the worldbuilding panel was the author of The Color of Silence, a book that I really enjoyed.  I got a new book from her.  After saying hello to a number of writers I'd met before, and some that I hadn't (and even some friends I hadn't seen before), I took my new-to-me shoes (freed from years in bondage, unclaimed from a prior Wiscon's lost and found) and drove home in my poor, battered old car, with no radio (and no air conditioning) to help me stay awake.

I arrived  home and dined on cottage cheese (I was too tired to cook) before falling asleep in front of the computer while trying to motivate myself to wash my masks (I was not going to breathe through them after Sunday night without washing them first) and head to bed.  So I got to watch part of Leno with Angel while the masks partially drip-dried before getting real sleep.

All in all,it was a good weekend and I'd love to go again next year--or, for that matter, to Marcon, or to one of the camping events that are always on Memorial Day Weekend.  Oh, for a Tardis!

How was your weekend?


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Jun. 1st, 2011 09:33 am (UTC)
It sounds like you had a good weekend. Your drawings are very good, you're art is evolving and it's interesting and exciting to watch.
Jun. 1st, 2011 12:22 pm (UTC)
I did have a good weekend, despite the foggy foggy brain. I'm glad you're enjoying the art, too!
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