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The Calendar Says it's Summer

Looking outside, I'm not convinced. But in honor of the turning of the year, I'm doing a card draw. If you haven't stopped by before, you're welcome to read my introduction to my draws.

If you would like a reading, please leave a comment here.  You can ask for any of my favorite decks that I've used before (including but not limited to the Faerie's Oracle, my Susan Seddon Boulet art cards, and the Shapeshifter Tarot), or for a Torn World reading, done as if you encountered Rai Kunabei in a visit to Torn World.  You can leave a specific question, ask for a Guide, request inspiration, or ask for a reading for one of your characters or pertaining to your creative work.

Please remember that card readings cannot substitute for consulting a professional any more than burning prosperity incense can substitute for actually applying for a job.  It is my hope here to provide inspiration and entertainment, for you and your friends.

I'll leave this post open until midnight, but probably not much later--tomorrow's a work day and this weekend is the Torn World Muse Fusion.

As always, tipping is not required, but is very much appreciated. 


Edit: What--only two of you up for the longest night of the year? Or is everyone out partying? I guess I'll leave this open for a few more people.

Second edit: In honor of other time zones, I'll leave this open, but I'm limiting it to DianaVilliers, Stonetalker (who somehow found an old card draw post to comment on this morning) and no more than five other people. Thanks to everyone who stopped by so far!

And...DONE. 'Til next time. Thank you for stopping by.

I hope to see you all at the Muse Fusion this weekend! torn_world


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Jun. 22nd, 2011 01:09 am (UTC)
I would love a Torn World reading. Since my thoughts have been revolving around turning my tiny business into something bigger, I'd like any guidance that the universe has to give.

Thank you ^_^
Jun. 22nd, 2011 03:25 am (UTC)
Father, Salamander, and Sun
Mists curl around the village walls, drifting slowly in the slight breeze, making fanciful shapes. Few people are out of their houses yet. A teenage girl is leading an old nanny goat uphill, toward the mountains, the bells on her prayer staff chiming softly. A double handful of other goats are following them, lifting their noses to smell the air. An old man darts out of his back door, heading to the small structure that's set well away from the house.

The bells on the rooftops are silent; the wind is just teasing the mist, it's not heavy enough to ring any of them.

Once the man disappears into his house and the goats vanish over a hilltop, you can fancy yourself alone there. You head upward, thinking to watch the sun rise beyond the mountains, but you find a young woman there, sitting on a low stone fence. She looks a lot like the goat girl, though she is older, and her staff holds a strange scorched metal ball as well as bells.

She smiles at you. "Have you ever watched the sun rise over the Breida Mountains?"

You shake your head.

"Here, sit. The sun will be up momentarily." She pulls a heavy leather bag closer to her on the wall, revealing a dry spot.

You watch the sunrise in companionable silence. Once it's high enough that the mist starts to thin, she turns back to you. "Thank you. I appreciate your patience. I enjoy the sunrises, you know."

"I enjoyed it too."

"But it's not what you sought me out for. Let's see what the disks have to tell you." She reaches in and pulls out an iron disk, on which is the enameled image of a man holding a small child. "Ah, the father. Fathers, in real life are unique, but symbolically, they stand in for the challenging aspect of people. You cannot change who people are, can't make them simple or predictable. And yet, understanding their nature, meeting that challenge, will be in large part the measure of your success."

She reaches in again, and pulls out another iron disk, this one depicting a blazing forest fire, with a tiny red lizard grinning in the center of the conflagration. "The Salamander--such a tiny thing, yet if he is not tended properly, all can be destroyed. You have it in your power to plan for the problems you will encounter, so there are firebreaks in place when you take risks. And finally," she reaches in again, and pulls out a brass disk. You briefly see a blazing sun before that disk slips out of her fingers to land face down on the salamander. The shaman smiled. "Look--The sun, the embodiment of natural light, came out to say that you can use light, literally and symbolically, as an ally to limit the dangers posed by whatever the salamander represents. I think it's a good sign that after we watched the sun rise, the sun shows up in your reading."

She gathers the disks back together and puts them into her pouch. "Does that make sense to you?"
Jun. 22nd, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Father, Salamander, and Sun
It makes total sense. Thank you so much!
Jun. 22nd, 2011 02:12 am (UTC)
I would love some insight into some big changes coming down the pipe for me. Torn World is my first choice, but if a different deck speaks to you, that would be fine, too! Thank you!
Jun. 22nd, 2011 04:17 am (UTC)
Teenager, Forgetful Elder, and Knife
Rai Kunabei looks up as you walk toward her. "Elen! How are you? Will you keep visiting me, so long as I keep doing readings?"

She's a little older than last time you saw her, and the setting is different. She's sitting under a tree in a larger town, in the middle of an open market. You can see some buildings over people's heads, and while most of them have a bell visible somewhere, often it is only one bell, rather than a string of them, and sometimes the bell is hanging from a roof beam or set into a window instead of hanging from a cord stretched between tall poles set at each end of the house.

People's clothing is different too, or more precisely, the decorations are different. There is less metal overall, and fewer bells. Even more telling, the only prayer staff you see is Rai Konalei's.

"You could say I will follow you to the ends of the world, if you want."

She laughed. "You'd check out the ends of the world, and all the middle spots too, regardless of my presence, I'm sure. But here--let me draw some disks for you, before someone else elbows their way in front of you in line or asks a monitor to check your licenses to see if you're allowed to dawdle like a tourist."

Your hand drops to your bulging license pouch, decorated with intricate embroidery depicting blue butterflies, each one unique and glittering with beads. You wonder, absently, what licenses the magic that lets you visit would provide you with.

Rai Kunabei reaches in to her pouch, and draws out three disks, a copper disk with a girl that reminds you of the picture you drew of Jrilii, a bronze that could be Emeroma in a few decades, and then a knife. They are all tilted sideways. "Ah--things are kind of" she pauses and gets an odd look in her eyes for a moment, "topsy-turvy right now, aren't they?" You wonder what Torn World phrase translated that way for this encounter. Apparently the magic that lets you two meet equips her with some surprises too.

"First is the teenager--the natural embodiment of will or choice. This is in the natural position, and so depicts the nature of the challenges you face. Next is the forgetful elder, the abstract embodiment of endings. This is in the artificial, or man made position. Even forgetful elders have wisdom to share, though it can take patience and just the right question to find it." She stares at the disk for a minute. "Often, the card in the technological position indicates the tools you can use to make things work. Is there a way that forgetfulness can be used as a tool?" She smiles at you. "Your readings always make me think, you know. There's always an element of paradox in them. And your abstracts and mine always seem switched. See--here is the technological embodiment of will or choice, the knife, in the abstract spot. Once again, it's your mind, your thoughts, that are the embodiment of your choices and your creations. I would carve a piece of wood--you carve ideas instead."

She sweeps the disks into the bag, looking behind you. "Looks like I'm in luck--there's no one waiting behind you. Why don't I take a break and show you around. There's this baker whose folds are all animal shaped. I don't know how she keeps track of what's in each shape, since that changes every day. But it doesn't matter, they're all delicious." She stands up, settles her disks on her back and takes up the staff in her left hand.

You nod. "I'd like to see those--and taste them too!"
Jun. 22nd, 2011 05:49 am (UTC)
I'm making some changes in my living situation, and could use some input, please. Whichever deck seems apropos to you...
Jun. 23rd, 2011 01:05 am (UTC)
Things have been moving very swiftly, but the important thing here is grounding--knowing yourself and how you connect to your world. Right now, if you try to jump out on your own, ignoring the path you've been on and the things and people that have been supporting you, you'll find that you don't have the wings you need to navigate the sky.

You don't have to do this alone, there's lots of help available. Each card shows faces in the ground, the rocks, the trees, the sky, so many possible helping hands, if you reach out to them, if you welcome them in. The feathers that will let you fly are the lines that connect you to those others, whether they are resources you need, people you know, or parts of yourself.
Jun. 23rd, 2011 02:21 am (UTC)
Re: Immanence
Thanks. I do forget that I have resources to draw on from time to time.
Jun. 24th, 2011 03:01 am (UTC)
Re: Immanence
You're welcome!
Jun. 22nd, 2011 07:28 am (UTC)
Don't forget the other timezones!
I won't ask for a question this time around, but I am just about to promote you now as I love your readings.
Jun. 23rd, 2011 01:06 am (UTC)
Re: Don't forget the other timezones!
Thank you!
Jun. 22nd, 2011 01:11 pm (UTC)
"Kismet." That's all I have to say.

Oh! Apart from asking my question.

This is to do with a creative endeavor. (Yeah, I'm badgering everyone I know about it at the moment *giggles.*) Question is in two parts; I hope that is not being greedy - they are connected really! The first is timing, start now and grow, or wait til I am more organized and have planned a bit more and then start. The second part is do I start at all?! Everyone is encouraging me, but I can't get my head around the idea that what I do is worthy of someone's hard earned money... I have a burning desire to do this. I also have a burning desire to eat and pay my bills *gulp.*

Let's have an audience with Rai Kunabei, as, after all, we're both on creative ventures!

Jun. 23rd, 2011 02:21 am (UTC)
The Feminine, Shaman, and Hail
Rai Kunabei laughs. "We're all greedy, about the important things, aren't we?"

You are walking under tall trees on a sunny path, butterflies flashing into the sunbeams and out again. You nod.

Rai Kunabei is carrying her sack of disks as if it is light, but you can see the tension in the thick leather, and you know that is an illusion caused by youth and strength. She steps off the path, effortlessly climbing a hill that seems steep to you. "Come on--there's a good place to do a reading up here."

You scramble up the slope after her, coming out into a broad sunny meadow. At the far end, overlooking a steeper slope, is a broad, sun-warmed granite boulder. You walk over to it and lay your hands on it, and for a moment you feel as if you're touching the bones of the mountains, feeling their strength, their endurance, their persistence.

Then she pulls out a disk and lays it between your hands. It's gold, heavy and gleaming, showing a stylized female figure. "In the natural position is the embodiment of natural consciousness. You are accurately expressing yourself here--both in having identified your dream and in expressing your concerns about whether you will succeed or fail, and how failure will affect not only the dream, but your responsibilities as well."

The disk glows there between your hands, and you know it will soon be warmer than the rock, as the metal and glass absorbs energy from the sun. You hesitate, then pick it up, knowing leaving it there on the rock for too long will leave it too hot to hold in your bare hand.

The second disk is also gold, showing a figure much like Kunabei herself, though in the disk the figure's ball whistles are whirling around its form rather than tucked neatly in its belt. "Next, representing the skills you have or will need to bring this dream to reality. The disk I drew for you is the shaman--the embodiment of abstract knowledge." She places that disk in your other hand.

"And finally, the abstract disk." She reaches in and pulls out an iron disk, showing remarkably realistic balls of ice falling through a cloudy sky. "The contradictory aspect of water. Hail--that which should be nurturing rain, but instead is, at least for the moment, perilous and strange. Love and fear all rolled together, the cold bite of the ice emphasizing that in order to succeed, you need to be willing to fail." She places it on the boulder. "Listen to me--I sound like a teacher, or like my grandfather." She shakes her head. "I do note you didn't get any of the dangerous or disastrous disks. It looks like you have the resources to survive trying and failing. But it's your decision. What do your own shaman skills tell you?"
Jun. 23rd, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
Re: The Feminine, Shaman, and Hail
I pause, reflecting on what has been shared with me. I hold the Feminine disk in my left hand, the Shaman disk in my right. I feel the archetypal powers they represent flowing through me. Gazing upon the Hail disk glistening in the sun on the stone, I see snowflakes. First one flake, then another, gathering together forming great blizzards that can control the mighty oceans, forming glaciers that cut valleys and raised mountains.

The awe of the vision makes me gasp. I look at Rai Kunabei for confirmation and assurance. She nods, then her gaze goes back to the stone.

Hearing her unspoken instruction, I place the other two disks on the stone next to the Hail disk. With a wave of her hand, Rai Kunabei hovers the Shaman's disk over Hail, and the Feminine disk over both of them. Very slowly they meld into one disk. She reaches out for it, and places it in my hands.

"This s the culmination of all you are, child," she softly says. "The wisdom of the grandmothers, the creativity of the magic-wielders, the strength of the ice. It is transformation embodied. Light and dark, creativity and destruction; you hold it all in the palm of your hands. No one will ever take away your free will. Ever. Only you can choose whether you are going to succeed or fail. You control your destiny. Are you going to see obstacles, or just events which must unfold in order to carry you to your dream?"

I realize I am crying. I realize how profound this is. Represented in the disk I hold in my hands is potential. That is where the real magic lies.

I see Rai Kunabei putting the other three disks back into the leather bag, and gasp as I realize that I am still holding the collective disk created from them. A slight smirk crosses her face, and she winks at me. I look back at the disk to find a dragonfly, symbol of change, has perched on it.

Rai Kunabei shoulders her possessions, and her tap on my shoulder brings me out of my reverie. I'm still clutching the disk she created for me. "We need to eat, bring you back down to earth." Her hand lingers across my shoulders, then falls back down to her side, and we make our way amid the butterflies of transformation back down the hill. Her eyes are on the ground, but still I feel her looking into me. "I don't make those for just anyone, you know..."
Jun. 24th, 2011 02:34 am (UTC)
Re: The Feminine, Shaman, and Hail
Oh--how wonderful! A glimpse of Rai Kunabei if there were more magic available to her. Thank you.
Jun. 22nd, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)
If you're still open to more readings, I'd love to find out what the Shapeshifter Tarot has to say to me regarding my creative works in general. Perhaps, as my birthday is the day before solstice, my reading done on the day after solstice would have an odd sort of balance. : ~)
Jun. 23rd, 2011 02:43 am (UTC)
Warrior of Earth
The central image of each of these cards is a figure in water. First, in the past, we have harmony, a card of air, showing a white swan and a black swimming together under a golden bridge. The earth here is sleeping peacefully. But the ripples that were smooth and graceful then grew more agitated, more complex, and you move from air into the present, and into fire, a card called blindness, where a sinuous snake looks down on the earth, whose eyes blinded by the water. But it is waking, becoming aware of its potential. Oh, but the future--that is finally properly an earth card, the water is morphing into grass, and the earth energy is rising like a fantasy army from the ground. The central figure is a dancing unicorn centaur. You're struggling now, you may be struggling all your life--there's no magic wand here, no promise that anything will be easy--but from here the dream looks beautiful and the work of bringing it into reality looks rewarding, and more joyous than the past, even though that was more peaceful.
Jun. 23rd, 2011 11:15 am (UTC)
Re: Warrior of Earth
Thank you, Deirdre. I'm always impressed by the "whooo" factor of a reading by a sensitive person. Although I puzzled a bit over the blind snake at first, I did get the whooo skin-shivers while reading over this. "No magic wand" for sure.

Jun. 24th, 2011 02:35 am (UTC)
Re: Warrior of Earth
In many cultures, snakes are a symbol of rebirth.
Jun. 22nd, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
Hoping this is still open. Could I have a Torn World reading concerning my near-future path?
Jun. 23rd, 2011 03:30 am (UTC)
Mama Cougar
You find Rai Kunabei dancing with a little girl, both of them holding mock ball-whistles in their hands, leather sacks stuffed round instead of the iron balls. The reason for this becomes apparent when the girl's cords become tangled, and one of the balls hits her in the face.

Without missing a beat, Kunabei tells the girl to untangle them and start again. You sit and watch the lesson, starting to imagine what it would be like to spin those balls around your own head.

Soon, the girl thanks the rai politely and runs off, and Kunabei turns toward you. "I'm sorry you had to wait for your reading."

"That's all right. I arrived after the customary time, I think."

"The best time for a reading is when someone needs it, but that's also true of lessons." She walks up to you and reaches under the bush you're sitting next to, pulling out the leather bag that holds her disks. She settles onto the ground next to you, and reaches in to the bag.

She pulls out three disks, all stacked together, and frowns. "The first disk is the corpse--the disastrous aspect of people. It looks like the problems that beset you are all people problems, one way or another." She sets that one on the ground, revealing a pudgy red face, all screwed up in anger or fear. "And then the scream--the disastrous aspect of sound. Oh, dear. Can I hope this reading is about some fictional character you're writing about? Because if it's about your life, I have to say that the tools you have available to you are all like sharp knives, they can cause as much harm as good, if they're not used carefully. Especially words--of all human-made sounds they're the most useful and the most likely to wound the people who hear them."

She sets that one aside as well, laying it in the grass. The image that's revealed is a cougar, sharp teeth shining, grinning as she nurses her cubs. "The abstract tools are often harder to use than the man-made ones, but this is a powerful image. Mama Cougar knows how to use her teeth and claws to protect her charges, and also how to use her mouth and paws to safely care for them. Mama Cougar is the nurturing aspect of myths, and it's that power, the power to nurture, and to protect, and--yes--to wound when necessary, that will guide you on your path. Don't give in to your urge to simply scream, no matter how much the actions of the people around you might deserve that response. Choose your words and actions carefully."
Jun. 23rd, 2011 12:59 pm (UTC)
Re: Mama Cougar
A nod. "Sometimes a doctor must cut open an abscess or wound, to let it drain, or remove a cancer. But the doctor has training to guide that knife, and hopefully a desire to cause the least harm in its use."

A few moments of quiet. "Thank you, Rai. It is a reading for me, in a difficult time. I'll have to ponder for a good while, perhaps."
Jun. 24th, 2011 02:59 am (UTC)
Re: Mama Cougar
She nods. "I hope it helps. I know that hard times come to everyone, and sometimes it seems like the things I can do as Rai--helping people with complementary problems get together, for instance--can't be enough. It's harder when I give a traveler a difficult reading, because I can't do anything but share an insight or two. But people keep surprising me with their resilience and resourcefulness. I have hope that you have the resources you need. Good luck."
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