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Come Fusion With Us!

Ellen says:

Muse Fusion is running now! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/83662.html

We'll be writing and arting to your Torn World prompts over the weekend, through to Tuesday morning.

And this month, we've got incentives: I'll be drawing 10 prompters to receive ACEO cards - some prints, some originals, some informational cards related to Torn World - every sponsor will receive an ACEO, each creator who submits something to the canon board by Friday that was spawned by the Muse Fusion, and a most active participant will get a card. Got a question about Torn World? Ask it as a prompt and you'll have a chance to win!

I thought I'd share a bit of Empire educational--well, it's not exactly literature, and it's too factual to be called propaganda, what would you call it?  There's all sorts of folklore on the site about the flowers, especially the black ones.

My virtual tip jar is below.  Tips in any amount are welcome.  If you tip to sponsor a particular story or poem, please let me know--there's a comments section in the form.  If there are general tips, I'll post a poll here in my LJ so you can vote for what gets sponsored.

This month, I'm also offering something new.  If you tip at least $10 by Midnight Saturday, you can ask me to write to some specific prompt.  The basic rules of the Muse Fusion require that all of the prompts be open to all of us, so if the same prompt inspires someone else, that's OK. 

The other new thing I'm going to try this month is to amend this post so people can see how much I'm making

Current Earnings:  $0

For the curious, the first $10 of tips will go to pay for the guitar-shaped bottle opener I just won on e-bay so I can open my Mexican Cokes at work with something classier than my staple puller.



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