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Fusion Update

Thank You to everyone who has shown up and offered to be our muses so far over at torn_world .  The window is still open in honor of crowdfunding  being in the spotlight this week--and prompters can win a print or original ACEO.

So far, despite working overtime, an unplanned 6-hour nap, and a heat index over 100 degrees, I've accomplished the following:

I have a finished short story, Chasing the River, which continues the story of my Butterfly Girl, who ran away to the Rainbow Rainforest.  It's available for sponsorship for $17 or 17 Torn World credits for a few more days; later it will be 19 because the rewrite (as usual) made it longer.

I have a rough draft of a story, Beans and Bugs, as well as a rough draft for a unique Empire board game by the same name.  I will gladly accept sponsorships to work on the story or the game (or both) in $5/5 TW credit increments.

I have a finished poem, Barrier Grief, which was (in character) written by an old soldier, who fought in the most recent big war, but ran away to the Rainbow Rainforest before the final battle, and was unable to find his way home. This is available for sponsorship for $9 or 9 Torn World credits.

I have a couple more ideas, which may or may not pan out before Friday, when I plan to give you a final tally of my writing for this Muse Fusion.

But for now, I have my Muse Fusion Freebie--a poem about my Butterfly Girl and her newly-sworn sister:

Bridge Making

a Torn World poem
by Deirdre M. Murphy

The fibers from the old roof shingles are long—
Longer than the room was wide.
But they’re soft from age and soaking.
Dubiously, she yanks on one.
It breaks.

Obediently, she gathers up fibers in her hands,
Lining up the edges neatly, all in a row
Like the houses where she used to live.
Her new sister laughs, “not like that.
Let them be different!”

“Here, you add to this end!”
The fibers flop out, all different lengths.
“Add more and twist.”
She takes up more, carelessly now,
And twists, and the rope grows.

When they pull, it falls apart; she tries again,
Watching her sister’s nimble fingers.
Tightly twined, the fibers hold this time.
Lizard girl and butterfly girl pull gently,
The new rope holds

It grows strand by strand and twist by twist.
They let it twist back on itself, doubling its width.
Laughing, they put their feet together.
Their matching tattoos look like one tall tree.
They pull hard; the rope is good.

They put a weight on it, let the end dangle,
And sit together, talking, laughing, twisting;
The rope grows longer and longer.
Around them, the whole clan
Does the same.

Three of these will make a rail.
Nine are wide enough to walk upon.
Like people, alone the fibers are weak.
But twined together they’re strong enough
To support a life.

Please let me know what you think!


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