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The water was wonderful!

I couldn't face getting into the car while the sun was above the horizon yesterday. This heat wave, combined with a car with no air conditioning, means that driving for more than a minute or two in the car is incredibly miserable.

A friend invited pretty much all of Milwaukee Fandom over for a collation and pool party (well, anything at his house is a "...and pool party") and I wanted to go get wet. Arriving late, I didn't have much company in the pool; for a while a water lover who's not a swimmer kept me company. When he went inside, I started swimming in earnest. For the first time in...way too long, I got the kinks out of my back, and then set to swimming in earnest, planning to actually tire out my shoulders.

It didn't work. My lungs haven't yet recovered from the assault last winter, when it got so very cold outside and I had a virus at the same time, and the asthma held me back.

After a while I gave in to the lungs and got out of the pool--swimming alone is something to do carefully, and while at your best, after all. Then I took out my poi and tried to remember how to move between some of the moves I still remember. The cool glow-balls were fun in the dark, but didn't' really provide much exercise. I'll have to find the beanbags for that, I suppose.

But even with the limits imposed by the asthma and the trees and all, my back feels better than it has in years.

I wonder how much it would cost to find a pool I could swim in regularly? Last time I looked, I was appalled. It was totally out of reach. But maybe I should look again.



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Jul. 26th, 2011 03:00 am (UTC)
Last time I looked, the Ys were the least exorbitantly expensive thing around here. But that was a while ago.

$100 a year I could afford.

What's a waterfit?
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