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Last night I realized that my friend Susan Urban was playing as part of February Sky at the local coffeehouse. My Angel wasn't feeling well, having refused to call the dentist for weeks, so I made her eat soup and left her at home. The music was very good, including a new-to-me song about Guenevere:

She gathered her rosebuds while she might, the way the poets urge us all to do.
One kiss from that fair lady's lips might well have launched ten thousand ships,
But she was mindful of the thorns, and gathered only two.

See them perform the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2To9FW011U

While they played, I worked on the next installment of Wild Snowy Chase.

Angel continued to get worse, her cheek getting all swollen.  She finally made an appointment last week for this upcoming Wednesday, but it was clear that she needed more.  This morning, she stopped refusing to go to Urgent Care, so we got up and headed out to get her antibiotics.  She was supposed to take it with antibiotics, and I was starving, so we stopped at Red Lobster. 

She was all for stopping at McDonalds, but their food hasn't sat well in my stomach for long enough that it doesn't even smell good, and I was too hungry to want to be smelling food that would both remind me of my hunger and make me feel at least vaguely nauseous.
Red Lobster worked out fine for her--they brought her soup right away, so she was able to take the medicine--but not so good for me.  When I asked the waiter about gluten- and corn-free, he brought me an "allergen menu" (a great idea, in and of itself)--but it didn't mention corn.  On top of that, almost nothing was gluten-free, not even the fresh vegetables.  The manager tried to contact their corporate headquarters to see what was on the menu that I could eat, with no luck.  So My Angel got a free bowl of soup and I brought her home to finally get some sleep.

I guess I should stick to smaller restaurants.  At least the ones that cook from scratch don't have to hope the corporate office is open and their computer system functional to be able to tell a person what's in the food.

Then I rummaged to find something to eat here.  It wasn't inspiring, but at least it won't make me sick.  I finally ended up heading back to bed myself.  It's much more restful to sleep next to someone who's actually sleeping!  She's definitely feeling better and the swelling in her face is down.

Now I suppose I should try to finish that story...



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