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Want to Jam?

The Crowdfunding Community is hosting a Creative Jam--people leave prompts, and people of all skill levels are welcome to stop by and use those prompts to create something--anything. Sketches, paintings, poetry, songs, stories, pottery, whatever.

Please stop by and leave some prompts. Each participating creator decides how and whether to share their work, but some of us privately share with the prompter first, regardless of what else we do.

Also, you are welcome to use any of the prompts to create something. As a creator, you can choose whether and how to share their work--you can share for free, sell your work, offer to publish your work for a sponsorship or even set it aside to submit in the traditional fashion.

Whether making things is work or play (or a bit of both) for you, why don't you stop by?

In other news, My Angel's feeling miserable again today; the antibiotics that seemed to be working so well yesterday aren't doing such a good job today. I hope I'll be able to participate in the jam, instead of heading back to Urgent Care with her.
Tags: art, crowdfunding, life, welcome, writing

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