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Subversion is on sale! (and a contest)

The story that RJ Astruc and I wrote for this anthology, Scrapheap Angel, started with a friendship on LJ.  RJ asked if anyone wanted to collaborate on a story, and I thought what the heck.  I've had both very good experiences collaborating and experiences that, well, didn't work out.  Anyway, we chatted a while on Skype--well, she chatted and I typed, since I couldn't get that old laptop to pick up audio no way no how.  And then we took turns writing.  Finally, happily, the editor liked it!

The book goes on sale today, and if you're inclined to buy it--for yourself or as a gift--please consider ordering today.  A good first day showing can make a big difference to a book's success in the marketplace.

You can order Subversion:  Science Fiction & Fantasy Tales of Challenging the Norm  here: 

http://www.amazon.com/dp/0615533299  (PRINT)
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006GG90JE  (EBOOK)

In honor of this release, I'm announcing a contest--If during the month of December you review any of the three anthologies that my stories appeared in this year (Family Ties & Torn Skies, Re-Vamp, and Subversion) on your Amazon, Goodreads, a similar venue and/or on your blog, and leave a link here, I'll enter you into a drawing for however many SF&F books from my library I can mail to you for $10 US (That's a medium flat rate box if you're in the US).  The winner will get a chance to share their preferences as to authors and/or sub-genres before I raid my bookshelves to choose the prizes.

I suppose I should share links for finding the other books:

Family Ties & Torn Skies   This can also be found on Amazon.

+Amazon paperback (US edition)
+Lulu paperback (worldwide edition)
+Amazon Kindle
+Smashwords (ebook, multiformat)

I'll pick a winner on January 1st--two winners, if you guys really blow me away with the number of reviews!

If you are inclined to boost this signal, please feel free, and thank you.
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