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Music, Writing, Art, and Pizza

Every year the 19th Street Coffeehouse has a winter talent contest, right in the coldest and most inhospitable time to take yourself and your instruments out into the world.  Most years I think about entering, look at the date, and realize the finals are the Saturday during Capricon.  Oh, well, friends outrank contests, even though I am competitive enough to really enjoy games and contests.

This year, however, the final round of the contest is the week after Capricon, so I went ahead and entered.  The first round was January 27th, and I just got word that I made it into the finals!  So, if you're in Milwaukee on February 18, you can come see me compete.

In art news, I finished a couple of drawings that started out as sketches in SketchFests:

Dreaming of Butterflies will be Torn World "mystery art" which means, she will be in the non-canon gallery until she is identified as a character.  Is she your character?

Shrallan During the Flower Festival is a drawing of a character in Wild Snowy Chase.

Over at Torn World, I have a new poem:  Advice for a Young Carnal Guild Worker.  The poem itself is visible to everyone, but the backstory is reserved for Torn World subscribers.

I also have a few written entries in the Torn World Fashions & Fads contest, though not as many as I'd hoped.  Between getting ready for the Coffeehouse contest, which involved putting new strings on the guitar as well as the usual practicing and tuning and such, and life being unduly busy, I didn't have as much time I wanted for writing.  But at least I am pleased with the bits I did manage to finish. 

My Angel has been getting herself take-out pizza, which is all to the good, except I was out of Deirdre-safe pizza crusts, so I've been wanting pizza.  Today I finally got to the Gluten Free Trading Company and got some crusts, so after other errands, I came home and made spinach pizza!  I didn't have room for cookies, but I also picked up Deirdre-safe cookies for another day.

And now I'm half-asleep, so I'll wish you all Good Night!

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Feb. 2nd, 2012 11:48 pm (UTC)
All around

are in order!
Feb. 4th, 2012 01:59 am (UTC)
Thank you!
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