January 1st, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Welcome to Wyld Dandelyon's Worlds

Welcome to my journal, where I share a bit about my life and a lot of the creative things I do.

I love friends, and good conversation.  I look forward to talking with you all. 

The purpose of the rest of this post is to help you navigate my journal if you're looking for specific things. 
Or you can simply scroll down and start reading.

I don't (yet) have an index for stuff like daily life, the wonders of job-hunting in this post-Bush economy, My Life In Micropoetry (a/k/a my Twitter posts that I think are most worth sharing), pictures of my garden and my travels, or art in progress. Some things are best experienced in the moment, after all.

But other things...

FICTION:  FIREBORN  Imagine a world where people have been adapted to different ecosystems, where some can fly, some can breathe water, some are comfortable in desert sands or deep caves. This is the world of the fireborn, who can be of any of the shapes that humans can be, with an added extra--the firesense, the ability to do magic. The fireborn are relied upon in times of crisis--and feared for their power, for the fact that they are different, though the differences are hidden. It is also the world of the shifters, people who have more than one native form. You can find links to Fireborn, the novel I'm serializing, and other stories set in this world here.

Exploring the world of Twitter, I came across #fridayflash, people who share their flash fiction on some un-named day of the week. Here you will find links to my flash fiction that I'm publishing herein, for #fridayflash and, occasionally, for other occasions.

The stories are set in different worlds, and different genres.  They range from lighthearted to serious. 

You can also find some of my work at TORNWORLD.NET.  Torn World is a shared world science fantasy setting, with all sorts of exciting creative work going on, including but not limited to fiction, art, and poetry.

BUSKING IN CYBERLAND Since I was laid off in January of 2009, I started exploring non-traditional publishing venues, including the new-to-me terms, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. It's definitely a learning process--and one that there are not yet any established experts to learn from, though I've found a few guiding stars. It isn't the first time I've braved publicly performing in the hopes that I'll get some income.  Here are my Busking in Cyberland posts, where I discuss what I've learned, and what I'm still trying to discover.

Speaking of which--please keep in mind that, as I write this, I still do not have a day job. If you like what you read, and can afford it, I'd appreciate it if you would choose to become an active patron of the arts. Michelangelo had popes--a series of them. I have--YOU.  All of my fiction, my profile, and some of my other material has a donation hat for Paypal; if you want to buy me dinner or a drink, and don't choose to use Paypal, let me know and we'll figure out what will work for you.  And thank you!

Dandelyon's Verse  I have haiku, song lyrics, and other poetry listed here.

I want to note how honored I am to have been nominated for all these Rose & Bay awards.  For further information on them, please see the post in Busking in Cyberland about the awards.  I'd sneak the links in here, but as I write this LJ is having some issues with embedding links.

To all my readers, thank you for dropping by!

This blog won a Superior Scribbler Award in September of 2009.  You can read more about the award, and see who I nominated for the award, in this post.    I'm very honored, and I will try to continue to live up to this honor, even after I once again have a day job.