January 23rd, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Jobless ... update

I couldn't fall asleep for the longest time Wednesday night, and when my kid's alarm woke her up to go to school, that woke me up again, and once again I couldn't fall asleep. That left me too exhausted to be very productive all day yesterday. But I did manage some change of addresses online, and I went through a bunch of computer files, trying to find the resume I'd updated electronically a year or so ago--no luck. And the current computer doesn't have a working floppy drive, so the backup is inaccessible for the moment. And I picked up my pay for my unused vacation days and got it to the bank, then picked up the kid who'd stayed after school for a track meeting and missed her bus. After that, I did see some TV, though I don't remember what, and ate some pizza that the kid cooked. I meant to do an update here, but didn't even have the energy for that. At least when I fell asleep last night I was able to stay asleep--I slept until after noon, and though I've been tired and headachy today, I'm much more coherent than yesterday.

I did find the old paper resumes from 10 years ago, when I was seeking the job I just lost. And
I did manage to talk to most of the people I want to list as references, and a couple of the people I wanted to network with. And the attorneys I managed to talk to at the office did say they'd give me a good recommendation if anyone asked. The office manager even copied an e-mail she got, one of her contacts is looking for a paralegal. So she's not only willing to recommend me, but to vouch that I can do more than just secretarial work. (I know I can, but knowing it isn't the same as being able to convince a prospective employer.)

I dug the my old suit out of the back of the closet; it still looks good, but I doubt I'll fit into it. It still has the key pin my sister gave me for the last job search.

So, now I have to type up my resume and references, and go shopping for interviewing clothes. I'll transfer the key, for good luck, once I have a new suit.

And I need to get one of the old computers set up so my kid can do homework on one and I can do job-search and writing things on the other. Toward that end, I've been cleaning house some. I figure at least initially I'll set up the dining room as "my office". Since last winter, when the furnace went out and a couple of the radiators' pipes burst, it has had too much clutter and stuff pulled away from walls. I still need to replace one radiator, since the ice broke the radiator itself; the other was fine, just the connections needed to be re-soldered. But that's a different story.