February 3rd, 2009

autoharp on lap sketch

Seeking advice

So, I'm trying to set up one of the older computers, so as to be able to write or do job hunting stuff at the same time as my kid does homework. I've got this nice new keyboard--but it doesn't use the old round dedicated keyboard type of wire, instead it has a USB port thingy on the end of its wire. It needs Windows XP or better, so it can't go on the older computers. Drag.

Try plugging it into the new computer, which is XP, turn it on, it acts as if it has no keyboard. OK, turn it off, switch keyboards, on, load the software, off, and switch keyboards again, same result. And I can't go with the mouse to the start button and click through to the control panel, to see if there's some setting I can use to tell the computer to look for new hardware, because the thing is set up to require typing a password on the keyboard before you can do anything else.

How do I get the XP to recognize the new keyboard? It's probably dreadfully simple if I just knew the answer!