February 6th, 2009

sketch with autoharp

Poco a poco

Yesterday: Rewrote Chapter 1 of Shifter to change the things needed due to my revelation of early last week; deleted some words and added others. To my great surprise, the word count is identical to what it was! Then rewrote Chapter 2, added a few words, which is much more typical for me. Also talked to headhunter (in my new suit and all), but they have no interviews to send me on right now. Did slightly revise the resume per her suggestions.

Today, errands. Talked with banker about rolling over 401K. Talked with phone company about transferring stuff from old phone to new. Grocery shopping. Dishes (ugh!). Looking at various old computers with a friend, checking memory on memory cards and hardware and figuring out a keyboard is just no good and getting the new ergonomic keyboard to (finally) work on the new computer, but the older computers aren't recognizing a flash drive plugged into their USB, and the new one doesn't recognize a floppy plugged into it, so I still have to abandon the computer when the kid needs to do homework, with no real way to continue working on the same story. Sigh. Progress, but not nearly as much as I'd hoped. And I wanted to do some writing, but unsurprisingly I'm tired now.

It was good to see Felix again though, popping in and out of his cat door, and staring at his goldfish, and getting cross-eyed when the fly lands on his nose. Pity he can't "live" within newer Windows environments.

(edited because I hate typos!)