February 17th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Still job hunting

Finally got my resume on Monster this weekend; got woken up at 9 this morning as a result.  Just another agency, but the one my office manager recommended to me has nowhere to send me, so I get to go in and interview with them tomorrow.  I suppose the practice is good for me.  Then I called the paper, because despite two calls yesterday, Sunday's paper still hadn't arrived on my porch.  (It arrived later.)  The lack of job listings both there and online is appalling.  (And Milwaukee County's Executive doesn't want any stimulus package money--huh?!?)

Since then I've been doing change of address things, and other paperwork (like calling the place that has the little 401K-type thingy from a non-profit I worked at a while back to get paperwork to roll over my money to something I have some control over), interspersed with picking up and straightening up things in the house.  

I also finally figured out what I used as a password for my mostly-nonexistent MySpace account, and changed the picture there from me playing guitar to me in a suit.  Changed the pictures for FaceBook too, but the MySpace was harder because the old work e-mail was not forwarding the MySpace mails...I guess somewhere along the line they were diverted as spam instead of forwarded.

The lack of jobs to apply for is discouraging.  Although I think it's a good thing that I'm getting a few weeks to sleep all I need to and get things done around the house, I would feel much better if I was on a planned sabbatical with a job waiting for my return.


My Angel and I went to vote in the primary and were greeted very enthusiastically by the poll workers.  In our precinct, she was voter number 6 and I was voter number 7.  At the machine (two precincts are at the same polling place in our neighborhood) I was number 8 and she was number 9.

The poll workers were joking that they just might hit double-digits by closing time at 8. 

Clearly, the people who worry that one vote doesn't count for much should vote in the primaries.
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