March 3rd, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

New Lake Effect Snow and Old Seeds

Yesterday, I went off to another agency interview, to get into their system.  I left early, since my part of Milwaukee was drenched in snow--it was all lake-effect, so a few miles away from Lake Michigan there was no snow.  But there was more than a foot at the airport, and about half that at my house.  It was partly cloudy, and most of the time as I drove, I drove through bright sunshine, and most of that sunny time I also drove through flurries of huge, pretty snowflakes, drifting down from the sky. 

It was very pretty, watching the snow fall all bright and white and shiny in the sunlight.

The agency was a bureaucrat's dream.  I'd already taken two tests online for them, and e-mailed my resume to them, to shorten the in-office process.  Fill in forms online (essentially, applicants each do the data entry for their database).  Fill in forms, more forms, and still more forms.  Then talk briefly with the nice lady, go over the forms to clarify anything, and then, finally, hear "more" about the part time temporary position they called me about after seeing my resume on Monster.  I put that in quotes, because there really wasn't any more than I'd heard in the first phone call.  Then they decided they wanted another test.  Given the option, and looking at the time, I opted to do the test at home.  I still wanted to go to the bank.

I stopped to pick up girl scout cookies from a prior co-worker, and did my banking.

They didn't send the "ticket" for the test yesterday, so I ended up doing it today, and other job-hunting stuff online. 

I also dug into the old seeds left from past years and started trying for some seedlings.  I'd put together a bin of small pots a couple of days ago, adding dirt and water, partially from a pot of compost and partially from indoor dirt that had gone dry.  I added water and left the dirt to get warm and evenly moist.  Today I looked through my old seeds and planted some, significantly more densely than recommended as some of the seeds will doubtless not sprout.  I have some bush beans (white seeds) from a line of seeds a former co-worker's family brought from Croatia 60+ years ago (from a line the family had maintained for another 40 years before that); some royal burgundy bush beans (I like purple "green beans"), and I also planted some sage, basil, and chamomile.  I wanted to start some tomato plants, but sadly have no leftover tomato seeds.  I also tried some older pea seeds in a separate pot, I haven't had success in the past transplanting pea seedlings, but I've gotten a defter touch since then, if I get enough to transplant any, and if not, the pot is big enough to let them grow indoors.

The other old seed news is that the last of the purple tomato seeds I had, which I planted late last spring, did have a plant that grew, though it started so late and slow that I didn't put it outside.  It not only survived the winter, but is 4' tall in a pot in my kitchen, and putting out flowers.  Now there's a pill bottle next to it, with the Q-tip "bee" carefully protected from kitchen spills and grease; we'll see if we can get some fruit from it.  I remember those tomatoes as being a deep magenta in color, and tasting very good.