March 11th, 2009


Frustrating Moon

So, I'm still unemployed.  Yesterday, went to meet a different head hunter, who I really liked, and then took my Angel to a doctor's appointment and to the pharmacy.  The brakes had suddenly acquired a quiet grinding sound I didn't like, and I directed her to listen to it.  It was mostly not apparent on the way to the doctor's, but became louder and started doing things like continuing on for a bit even after I lifted my foot from the pedal.  So then we wondered if it might not be the brakes, but rather that ice and/or potholes had caused something on the undercarriage to be dragging.  Angel looked at the brakes when we stopped--no, it was indeed the brakes, and in her words, "this should have been fixed last week at the latest". 

So I got up earlier than I wanted to take the car in to get new brakes that I sure hope I'll get a job soon to pay for.  But job hunting without a car, in the winter with asthma that's activated by cold is not a good idea.  So, I spent the bulk of the day sitting in a waiting room (a nice clean waiting room, at least) painting.  When I returned, and had eaten dinner, I thought I could get online to do things.  About then, the cable connection went out, quite thoroughly--no TV, no phone, no internet.  They came on in time for my girl to get back from dinner with her Dad and to need the computer.  Sigh.

Painting in progress.