April 9th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Writer's Moon

I haven't been posting much, but I've been busy.  The city, as usual, wants the yard cleaned up as soon as the snow vanishes, so we've been working on the yard, both clearing up the winter's accumulation of trash and working on making the stuff that we didn't get neat in the fall is tidied up.  We still have work to do on the stone patio and the firepit, which pretty much fell in last year, but we didn't get it rebuilt.  And the firewood is a mess, and the roses are still mulched, but it's time to rake them off and bag up all those autumn leaves to roll into the compost every time we mow the lawn all summer.  And I'm working on doing vegetable gardening this year, big time, so we have to clean the beds that are already more or less designated for that purpose and decide where to put more.  We will try growing green beans (the pole type) on our more robust Japanese roses; slowing down those particular roses would be a blessing; last year we had to dig out some (very thorny) volunteer runners that came up in the lawn.  We set some concrete block between the roses and the lawn when we did that; hopefully that will prevent another incursion.  Some of the smaller roses might get lettuce or broccoli planted behind them.  I've also been tending the indoor seedlings.  A friend was ordering seeds from a catalog that has a lot of heritage varieties, and she offered to order some for me; those came in, and for the full moon, tonight I planted some tomatoes and bell peppers to start indoors, and I plan to plant spinach, peas, and onions outside tomorrow (Thursday). 

Indoors, I've been cooking, trying to make sure I have food ready when my teenager gets back from track, so she eats more than Kraft mac'n'cheese, and other indoor chores, though no big projects quite yet.  And job hunting, which takes a lot more time and energy than the few available jobs would suggest it should, besides that aspect of things being worrysome and depressing if I dwell on it.  So I try to do it and move on to other things.  And there've been ordinary medical errands, and a trip to the dentist, where the tooth that was bothering me was filled nicely, and the tooth I knew needed work, but wasn't bothering me, proved to need either extraction or a root canal and a crown; they're checking the dental insurance (which I still have, for a while, anyway) to see how much it will cover for me, so I can figure out if I can afford the crown. 

The thing I'm happiest about since new moon is the fiction writing.  I've written a piece of flash fiction and, finally, gotten back into writing the Shifter novel.  The murder victim is finally both dead and discovered, and a variety of suspects have been shown to at least one of my three main characters.  I've gotten more than 13000 new words on the Shifter since the new moon, which brings my total to 26341 words as of today's count.  I'm a bit concerned about length; I don't feel like I'm 1/4 into the story.  This is a concern because I've also been reading about the state of the publishing industry today, and apparently publishers are more likely to buy 100K stories than 200K stories these days.  Oh, well, (though I did rewrite the first four chapters after I figured out all the nasty stuff the murder victim has been up to) it IS a first draft.  And I'm enjoying these characters; the romance angle could be stretched out over more than one book, I suppose. I'm also developing the world more, and developing quite a bit of background notes so I can do stuff like keep track of the people, whether they're suspects or not.

I suppose I should get one of those widget thingys so there's a visual of how far along I am on this novel; that would be satisfying for me to look at, though I don't know if any of you care.  Of course, I have no idea where my notes on where to find one might be.  And if I have to choose between an hour spent writing the story, or an hour Googling for a fun widget, the novel wins!