June 8th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Cold Moon

It's supposed to be summer. Really. It IS June, after all.

School is out, and today went to the Track Banquet to see my kid get a minor letter. Her school won a double-triple-crown at sectionals, meaning they took the trophies in both boys and girls for long distance, short distance, and other events (jumps, shot put, and discus). So, though my daughter didn't qualify to run in the sectionals (nor did she expect to, she enjoys running, but this is her first year doing it), that was still pretty cool.

My dentist tells me I have very deep roots, and he's glad he was doing a root canal instead of extracting my tooth. And I can go back in two weeks so he can be sure the infection cleared up. And I spent two days after feeling lousy, I think from swallowing too much of the ansthetic--but if I've been fighting an infection for quite a while, that could account for why I've been feeling tired and draggy even while off work.

My realtor still can't reach the guy who was initially so excited about buying my house. Which is made doubly frustrating by the fact that I do NOT want to buy more oil for this house if we might sell it, which feeds right back into my frustration about the weather.

The interviewer who promised to call me Friday to set up a second interview didn't, and the fact that she said, just before seeing me off at the elevator, not to panic if she didn't call until Monday still leaves me on tenterhooks.

Pulling old (and often-oxidized) carpet staples from stairs is tedious and awkward and uncomfortable, and more of them than I like break just above the level of the wood, high enough to snag cat hair and other dirt, but too low to grab and pull out, so they have to be pounded in with the nail sink. But the stairs are looking better. I'm about half done.

We had tulips and dandelions and wood violets and lilacs. Now we have roses budding, irises, indigo, and snowball spirea blooming. The seedlings I started inside were killed by a late frost, so I ended up buying seedlings. Those are doing fine, as are the peas and spinach, but peas and spinach are a spring crop. An early spring crop. And it is summer, right?