June 18th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Weeding the Circle

We have a bit of our garden that is an equal-armed cross in a circle. one quarter has always been herbs; the sage from two years ago has been propagating there; one of the colored sage plants from last year (purple or white or varigated, it's too young to tell) also survived the winter. The center is the first place I've put chocolate mint where it thrived, and now it is invading the quarters. (Yum).

I'd dug up two of the quarters very early in the spring, and planted old seeds, peas and spinach. The peas mostly sprouted, there and in other spots; the spinach only in a different spot. And more recently I dug up the other quarter not involved in growing sage, and put tomato plants there. So today's first task was, I thought, to dig up the parts of the final quarter, carefully avoiding the now-flowering large sage plant and the chocolate mint.

However, upon closer inspection, I found that the purple basil had seeded most of the quarter, and liberally mixed with dandelions, creeping charley, and other weeds were tiny, 1-2 inch purple basil plants. Hah! So much for a quick turn-over to bury the weeds. (My cell-phone camera gets blurry close enough to get a good picture of the basil.)

So I spent a while very carefully weeding, which is when I found the varigated or purple sage plant that had survived, and transplanting the basil plants that came out of the ground to other parts of the garden. And the ones that had rooted between the bricks bordering the garden. And, in the midst of this--a butterfly.

And to my surprise, one of the varieties of peas I planted has purple flowers!