June 23rd, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

New Venture Moon

Today is SF&F Writer's Day. I'm hoping it's an auspicious day to start this new venture.

I've been thinking that, since I'm still out of work, I should venture into cyberfunded creativity/crowdfunding, and see what happens. Reading haikujaguar  and shadesong  and ysabetwordsmith , and seeing how they interact with their readers, I realized I have both sat down alone to write a story, and sat around a table telling a story for people who were participating, as characters, in my world. But I really haven't tried writing with kibitzers, so I'm going to try an experiment, and you are all invited to kibitz, to ask questions, make suggestions, make comments, and so on.

I have a story snippet that I think will do for a start, but initially I'm going to post a short-short to introduce you a bit to the world. This is the world that the novel I'm working on is set in, but will be a different story.

And there will be a donate button; if you enjoy, please let me know--and please let your friends know everyone is welcome. Please don't give more than you can afford, and thanks for reading.
Creative Joyous Cat

The Mountain’s Fire and the Fireborn Puppetmaker

Velvet Village’s most entertaining grandmother sat in her rocking chair, children cluttering her porch. A lakeborn boy had come to visit, and her grandson had brought him to ask a question, for she never turned away questions from visitors, and they usually led to stories. And all the children loved stories.

“Come on, Cowrie, ask her a question!”

The small boy looked down, so she leaned forward and smiled encouragingly. “That’s a nice name. So, Cowrie, what would you like to know?”

“Why…” he trailed off and her grandson nudged him encouragingly. “Why are we all different?”

“According to legend, there was a time when all humans were the same, all walkers, no flyers or swimmers or delvers”.

Her grandson gaped—he’d not heard this before. “You mean, no windborn or lakeborn?”
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This is the first time I've used a donate button--if there's any difficulty with it, please let me know. As with all things, there may be a learning curve.  And if you want to donate, but don't wish to use paypal, message me and we'll work it out.

Thank you for reading!

  Want to read more?  The start of Fireborn is here.  The table of contents is here.