July 1st, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Rose Moon

It's actually approaching full moon while the roses are all blooming; they're late this year, like everything else. Usually, the weekend they bloom all together is Duckon, and I mostly miss it; this year I've been able to go out and look and take pictures. The day lilies are finally blooming too.

Today's lunch was spinach and peas and mulberries, direct from the garden, following my theory that I should be eating as much as possible from the yard, not the grocery store. 

You haven't heard much about my job search because there's not a lot to report, and there's no way to make "I looked at a bunch of job listing sites, and in the paper, and sent applications to the few I found that I might have a chance at getting, and didn't get a call this week, and just found out that the place that said they wanted me in for a second interview hired someone else" anything but depressing.  Ditto with "the realtor can't get in touch with the guy who claimed he really really wanted to buy the house."  I also don't think recounting the details of my root canal would be lots of fun, for you or for me.

I am writing, though, both the stuff that's going into this journal and a novel set in the same world.  And learning new things, like how to make a LJ poll work.  (At least I think I figured how to make it work; I haven't seen any responses, so maybe I'm wrong.  Or maybe it's summer and no one cares when I post my fiction because they're out enjoying the sun.)

For ysabetwordsmith , a picture of the Joseph's Coat bush, now that it has more than one flower on it, though later in the season it may be better--I'm in the middle of cutting down an old scraggly bush to get it more sunlight. 

I'm still seeing bees and butterflies, and the occasional disgruntled moth (disturbed by my weeding).  And mosquitoes.

And I pulled up a bunch of the spearmint that's invading the roses (I don't care if it invades the lawn; then lawn mowing smells really good, but roses like sunlight!) and have a batch in the dryer, making the house smell good too.  Oh, and the first morning glories are blooming -- this one was still in shape for pictures when I finally got outside today, since it's well shaded by the echinacea leaves.

So, does anyone know what these purple flowers are called?
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