July 11th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Fireborn: Coral Under Water

Fireborn starts here.


Orchid and Mud got back to the lake, and Mud ran over and stuck her hand into the enclosure with the baby. He swam right up to her and blew bubbles under her hand. Mud giggled.

They were small bubbles, but, “How’d he do that?”

“It tickles,” was Mud’s unhelpful answer. “Here, you try!” She pulled on Orchid’s arm.

Orchid remembered the baby was afraid of her. “Um, no, that’s OK.” She started looking around, “Mud, where’s your mother?”

The smaller girl knelt back down by the water and stuck her head right into it, then lifted it out again, dripping. “She’s there, in the mud.”

“In the mud? Are you sure she’s OK?“ Orchid ran forward and dropped to her knees. By leaning close to the water, she could just see the woman’s head. The rest of her was obscured by strands of seaweed. “Coral” she called loudly.

“Mom can’t hear that, silly!” The smaller girl looked scornfully at her. “You have to be in the water. Like this.” She stuck her head in the water again and hummed. Orchid realized it must be something like the whistle language.

Mud lifted her head out of the water. “She’s not answering me.” Collapse )


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You are seeing this story almost as quickly as it is being written. It is a live performance of a sort, though I do go back, re-read, and proofread before posting; otherwise the typos would make me crazy!

You have a chance to affect the direction the direction this story goes, with your comments and questions. I want you to know you are welcome to come explore this world with me here.

I am also writing a novel set in this world in a more traditional, hermit-style fashion. I'll talk more about that later, if anyone shows interest.
Oh, and the story continues here.