July 23rd, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Fireborn: Nautilus

The start of this ongoing serialized story is here.


Orchid started yawning as soon as she and Mud ate their fill of the fruit, confirming Mist's thought that she should wait for morning to have Orchid fly to Rain to ask her to come nurse Minnow. It would be a little awkward, of course, for windborn Rain to sit in the water that long, for of course, Minnow couldn't come out into the air to eat, but Rain loved children, and would claim it was no bother.

What to do about Coral's school, however, wasn't so easily solved. Finally, Mist decided she had to call for help. Collapse )This is reader-supported fiction.  You can show your support with comments, questions, or being a financial patron.  

 The story continues here.