August 1st, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Fireborn: Fiery Sunrise

The first chapter of Fireborn is here.


Mist dozed a little, feeling sore and headachy, probably from handling so much nofiera, and being near to, even if upwind from, the fire. She was awakened by Coral, who asked for more of the milk substitute. The sun was rising, a large red disc, with purple and orange clouds frosted with gold clustered around it. Fire colors. She had to somehow tell Orchid—

“Quickly would help,” added Coral, and she pulled herself far enough out onto the bank that the baby couldn’t simply swim up and breastfeed. She shaded her eyes with one wide-spread, webbed hand, and winced as if even that small effort hurt. The baby kept trying to get to where he could breastfeed, even pulling himself out of the water for a moment. His complaint was audible, until he ran out of air and slid back in.

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