August 2nd, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

My First Ever Silly Kitten (lolcat) Caption Contest

So, a friend of mine rescued two starving kittens from a garage roof, just a couple of days before going off to the Pennsic War, so I'm kitty-sitting.  They're remarkably tame for kittens that have been in human hands for less than a week; the black one purrs for me when petted, though he tries to run off to do things (which we aren't permitting just in case the guaranteed, industrial-grade wormer didn't kill off all the eggs) and the grey one is happy to be held and petted, and happy to play with string, but is not so sure about purring. 

I wish I could let the kittens have the run of the living room; but better safe than sorry. Except for when people are holding them, they're coralled in a dog-crate, in the middle of the living room floor, so I can mop the whole area down when they leave.  And people use soap and water. 

My friend will make sure they're tame enough, healthy, and fixed, and then hand them off to a shelter unless someone adopts them first. 

Anyway, they're kittens, so I took some pictures.  And a couple of them seemed destined for bad grammar.  So I thought I'd hold a contest!

Here's the pictures to be captioned:

I can re-crop the grey cat's photo to allow for more words, if needed; the black cat wanted to see what was making that clicking noise, so that photo didn't have anything I could slice away!

Prizes -- there will be a prize for the best caption for each of them.  It has to be something that I don't have to mail, and that doesn't take me too much time.  A short poem, for example, or even art for an icon.  Or the right to name an as-yet unnamed character in Fireborn.  (I will entertain other suggestions.)

And the winners get glory, of course.  (Or ignominy, I suppose.)

(My Angel said I should say, "Winners each get a cat!" but I single-handedly voted her down.  You do not have to want a cat to enter the contest.)

Anyway, the comments spot below is open.  Make me laugh!

Oh, and just 'cause, here's a photo of them together:

P.S.  Feel free to tell your friends about the contest.
Creative Joyous Cat

Lammas: Early Harvest

Lammas is the first harvest festival.  I was starting to wonder if I'd have much harvest by now other than herbs, peas, spinach and mulberries, which are by rights spring crops; the weather has been very dry after a long, cold spring.  However, finally, I have some harvest, the first large tomato and the first cherry tomatoes, the first cayenne pepper, and the first of the purple beans.  I also have a bunch of green tomatoes of various types, a few green bell peppers (still small) some leaf lettuce, and one cabbage that is starting to look nicely round, though it's also still small.  Oh, and there's still peas, a tribute to a very cool summer, though some of the pea plants are finally starting to die.

The other garden news is that we spent some time this evening shaping the mulberry tree.  In the spring, before the mulberry started to form its fruit, we bent the tree down, with the plan of eventually forming it into an arbor-like arch; this year, we just wanted the top of the tree low enough so we could pick berries.  (The parent tree, over by our garage, has no low branches, and does little but feed the birds and racoons.)

Today, now that the berries are gone, and the branches have grown longer, we went out to shape it.  First, we braided the top four branches together, tying them and re-adjusting the twine holding them to the stake in the lawn.  Then we similarly wove side branches to either side of it, tying one set to another stake, and the other to the top set of branches.  We could have trimmed off the extra branches (and we did trim a few), but we like the berries, so the primary goal was to make sure the branches are high enough for even My Angel to walk under and low enough that I can pick the fruit.  Secondary, but also important, was to have a good-lookign tree when we finished.

And My Angel says that once we get the arch trained the way we want it, we bury the tip of the tree, and it will take root there too.  I didn't know that mulberry trees would do that!

Looking at the results, it's clear that what I was imagining would be a simple arch is actually spread wide enough that in a few years, if we keep training it, it will become a nice shade canopy over part of the yard.  We will just have to keep weaving the new branches sideways, not letting them grow upward (out of reach) or down to where they would hinder walking underneath.  The silhouette is currently rather mushroom-like, which pleases My Angel considerably.  I wish I could have taken a picture of the tree after we tied it, but it was too dark.  I'll take one soon.  But in the meantime, here's a few pictures from yesterday and earlier today.

Photos, from the top:  cherry tomatoes over cabbage; bell pepper and purple basil; some of our many green tomatoes, with a view of the neighbor's house in the background; purple "green beans" growing above the bricks that border that patch of garden; the first brandywine tomato; candid shot of a peapod; ripe and green cayenne peppers; habanero and two lettuces, and sage with more of the purple basil.

And thank you to the people who recommended picture editing programs.  It's nice to be able to crop pictures again!