August 13th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Thornwolf's Sketch Day and Thanks to Sponsors of Fireborn

First, thornwolf is trying to raise money for a better computer to share her art online. I checked out her deviantart page, she has some very nice stuff! For a limited time, she's offering free small head-shots to people who link to her project, and larger drawings for people who donate. Go check it out!

Secondly, I have the first sponsors only bit of fiction in the Fireborn universe posted.  It's a peek into the past, about the time that the landborns and woodborns and windborns were formed.  For sponsors, here's a link: Butterfly Dream

And I did other web maintenance stuff today, that should make it easier to read the story, if anyone hasn't started yet or wants to catch up on earlier chapters; some of the "donate" buttons weren't working, so they got replaced with the new hat button.  And now every chapterhas a link at the beginning of the post to the first chapter, and a link at the end to the next chapter, if it's up.  I think I tested every single link, but if you find one that doesn't work (and tell me about it) I'll go fix it.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored and commented so far! I appreciate every word.