August 14th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

My Garden at Night, Courtesy of the Perseids

We finally got some rain this week, and everything is taller.    The grass will need to be cut soon.  

But there hasn't been much to harvest.  There's a few cherry tomatoes getting ripe, and a lot of various varieties of tomatoes being green, but getting bigger.  Likewise, the various peppers. Most of the pea plants have died, so I planted some more bush beans there; I think I need to plant more, this morning I found many of them dug-up and partially eaten.  I'm suspecting the same culprit is responsible for the fact that I have so few bean plants along the fence. 

Likewise, we haven't yet had much of a second bloom on the roses.  They've been conserving their energy through the dry spell.

Last night and the night before, even the mundane news was talking about the Perseid Meteor Shower, something I've always enjoyed, when I could.

So, in between bits of indoor cleaning and writing, I went out to stare at the sky. We live in the city, with a lot of light pollution; still, I saw a couple of meteors, very briefly. If I really wanted a good view, I should probably have driven to one of the parks by the lake, or out into the country. Still I enjoyed the chance to see what I did, and the time outside in the cool quiet, with all of the neighbors (and their dogs) asleep.

I don't have any pictures of meteors; my camera is, after all, a cell phone.

But here's a few pictures from my garden taken in near-dark (dusk or dawn), or in the middle of the night, with the flash. Some of these were practically black on the cell phone, but a bit of fiddling with the light settings once they were on the computer brings the pictures much closer to what I can actually see as I walk through my garden at night, with the city street-lights always aglow.

It's too bad I didn't get any pictures of these two purple lilies in daylight this year; they are a much softer color in sunlight, more like the purple they call orchid, or lavender. Likewise, the orange lily pictured below is more pastel seen in sunlight.  And doesn't the ragweed look amazingly like fireworks, falling upward?

Creative Joyous Cat

Art Day is today.

So I thought I'd devote a large part of the day to making art. Visual art, that is. But what to work on?

I've also been wishing, for a few months, for the chance to get together with other artists in the same room, with pleasant conversation about life and artistic techniques, and friendly kibitzing/comments on each others' work. Of course, the artists I want to do this with live far away, so that isn't happening today. But I thought I would at least let you folks comment/kibitz on some of the unfinished projects littering my house in my art studio.

Don't worry if you're not a trained artist--you're welcome to come play regardless!

This post was delayed because in the bath I realized a few things about the scene in Fireborn I'm writing, so I came back to the computer and did verbal arts for a while.

Then I went outside to peek at the garden and take some pictures, and found some gorgeous copper-colored beetles on the hibiscus buds. Are these good bugs or bad? I don't know, so I captured a couple in a jar for My Angel to look at later.

(Here is the bug. Anyone know what it is?)

While I was outside, I took a few pictures of flowers, green tomatoes, and other plants.

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, I want to thank the people on my friends list who have reminded me that photography is an art too! Thank you.

So, here's some projects in various states of unfinished.

The sketch of the instrument case is hopefully the start of a new "sponsor me" button, for things more musical in nature.   The topsy-turvy cat was inspired by one of haikujaguar 's one-card-draw comments to me, a while back.

The two dragons here are on tie-dyed t-shirts. The dragon amidst flowers is on a size L, the dragon who needs to be holding something (but what?) is on an XL. (These fabric paints are very soft, and very durable. I've had the paints still in great shape on t-shirts where the silk-screening is falling off and the material has worn thin enough to tear easily.)

I also sent a picture of an alien to my aol to put here, but it hasn't arrived in my in-box, and I'm ready to get some art done! Likewise some pictures of other paintings, and a canvass with a rip in it that I painted to make a place to hang dream catchers at art shows, but which, now that I've started it, I'm very tempted to turn into a painting. I really like the cloud-forms I did.

Oh well, maybe later.

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What are you working on today?

And, what do you want to encourage me to work on today?

I'll post at least one update, maybe more depending on how much I get done.