August 15th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

My Art Day recap

Thanks to the people who joined me!

I got a drawing done that is for the Torn World flora contest, and has to be kept private for the time being. I also worked on several other bits, some of which I'll share below:

This one is definitely getting closer to finished:

And here's some "in progress" views of the guitar case painting:

In some ways, the middle photo represents the hardest part of the painting, since this is where I had to stop and decide between a myriad of different ways to fill in the lid of the case.  I wanted something symbolic of at least part of what my music is about, and there are so many possibilities.  I had lots of different images in my head.  I think that's why I remembered to stop and take pictures! 

I finally decided on a space scene, which means what looks like a little purple marble in this tiny photo is actually be a planet.

It was really pleasant to decide ahead of time that I was going to devote a day to art, and then to do it.  I feel like it refreshed my mind, which isn't something I expected.