August 19th, 2009

Creative Joyous Cat

Fireborn: Confrontations

New readers--Welcome!  This is the latest installment in a sponsor-supported serial called Fireborn.

The first installment of Fireborn, Wings on His Fingers, is


There were voices Mist didn’t recognize, a lot of them, and she dragged her eyes open. The sun was only halfway up the sky, yet there were people everywhere. Several young men were starting to set up sun-shelters, while others were gathering nets from rafts already moored out in the lake. Mist looked over to see that several lakeborn children were talking with Orchid and the others. Orchid was shaking water off one wing and frowning at the dripping lakeborns.

A tall man stepped between her and Orchid. His natural color was silvery-pale, though his skin was tattooed with bright scales, pale in the center of his body and darker on the sides. The effect emphasized his height, and made him look thin and sinuous.

Mist sat up and yawned. Sitting, her head barely came to his knee.

The man stepped still closer, much closer than the polite wingspan away, almost dripping on her. He looked down at her, not bending at all. “I’m Eel. Are you the healer who rescued our Coral?”

Mist made herself sit still, relaxed. She resisted the temptation to rise to her feet and then her wings, to hover half a head higher than he could stand. He wouldn’t like it, but he would understand that response. He would also want to one-up her in some way in return, and she didn’t want a confrontation if she could avoid one.

So she pitched her voice low, quiet enough that he would have to strain to hear her, or bend himself for her. “Mayor Eel, you got here quickly.”

“Of course, of course. “ Mist guessed he could be heard on the far side of the lake. “Couldn’t leave one of our own all alone in the hands of a stranger! Not that I doubt your competence, ma’am, of course.”
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The story continues here.

I have been enjoying publishing a chapter of this story about twice a week to date.  This week's installment is a bit longer than usual, to thank you for your patience last week. However, I haven't been getting as much work done as I'd hoped on the companion novel to this work (working title: Shifter) or other stories for submission to traditional paying markets.

So, what I propose is that if you, my readers, collectively sponsor this at a rate of at least $10 per chapter, (the average chapter has been about 1000 words), I will continue to give you two installments a week. Double that and I'll do my best to go to three chapters a week.

In addition, sponsors get access to fiction set in this world, which no one else has seen yet, as well as my grattitude.  The first sponsor thank-you post is
already up, it's a piece of flash fiction showing a peek at the history of this world. Any new sponsors will be added to the filter as soon as I get your sponsorship.
I know not everyone can afford to sponsor me in this dreadful economy, but I hope to hear from you regardless.  I am very much looking forward to reading your responses to this chapter!